Let's Talk About The Vegan Thing //

Some of my all-time most popular posts are my posts about a vegan lifestyle. I've had multiple people message me, email me or talk to me in real life about making a transition to life without meat, eggs and/or diary-- and I love that! And if you have no interest in changing your diet or lifestyle, I love you, too! 

I often get a TON of questions about eating vegan so I thought I would answer them today, at the beginning of a new year, so that you can spend the whole year thinking about and learning more about this lifestyle. 

The questions I answer below are just a FEW questions I have recieved via Instagram, email, text message or in person. If you're skeptical or have no interest, stick with me and maybe you'll an interesting fact or two! 

The Ultimate Vegan FAQ // The Free & Wild Blog

Why are vegans so obnoxious? 

"How can you tell someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." 

I want you to think about the cause that you are most passionate about. I want you to think about a thing that breaks your heart, gets your blood boiling, makes you angry rant on Facebook. What keeps you up at night? What is it that you wish to see most in the world? Now, imagine that you could do something on a daily basis-- EVERY. SINGLE. DAY-- to support your cause and make it known? Would you do it? I hope that you would. 

For me, and many other people, eating a vegan diet is a lifestyle. It's a way to silently protest the horrific treatment of animals. When you're so devoted to your cause that you're willing to make an entire lifestyle change-- when society is taking it's good old time to accommodate and recognize you in grocery stores and restaurants-- it's kinda something I'm going to talk about. 

Just like I've been listening to you rant on Facebook or in real life about Democrats and Republicans for the past year of my life, you can return the favor and manage not being too rude about my PETA retweets. (; 

Where do you get your protein? 

Almost all vegetables, beans. grains, nuts and seeds contain protein. So I get it from broccoli, kale, peas, lentils, black beans, garbanzo beans, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, peanuts, almonds, tofu, almond milk, potatoes, and bread.

Where do you get your calcium? 

Soy + almond milk, tofu, broccoli, kale-- along with plenty other veggies and grains. 4 ounces of firm tofu has as much or more calcium than 1 cup of cow's milk. 

Where do you get your iron? 

Beans and dark leafy greens.

Isn't eating vegetarian unhealthy? 

Depends on what you eat. If you're loading up on vegan junk food and oils, then yeah, it is. If you're filling up on whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits, healthy fats and getting all your nutrients- it's a healthy diet. 

How can you care about animal rights when people are dying and children are starving in Africa? 

Believe it or not, I actually care about the humans suffering in this world, just as much as I care about the animals suffering in this world. One of the reasons I boycott factory farms by not eating meat is because of how terribly they treat and exploit the people who work for them. Did you know that Tyson chicken treated their employees so poorly that they denied them bathroom breaks so some employee started wearing adult diapers?

Or how about a recent study that found that if the grains that are grown-- instead of becoming food for livestock-- was directly consumed by humans, it would make about 70% more food available and feed 4 billion more people-- helping us end world hunger? 

Being vegan is too expensive. 

Nope. I've spent about $20 a week to feed myself on a vegan diet. And I didn't starve and it was delicious! 

Why do vegans not drink milk? 

Dairy farms involve a lot of cruelty and death. I don't like paying for another creature to die. 

Cow's only make milk when they are pregnant or have a baby. Their baby is taken away from her right after birth. The calf is given a cheap milk replacement and live in isolated sheds. If it's a boy calf, it's sold to be slaughtered for veal. If it's a female calf, it's impregnated by the farm reaching into her and manually impregnating her with a rod. Cows are expected to produce so much milk unnaturally in their lifetime, they are sent to slaughter at half of their life expectancy.

Oh, and just so you know the USDA legally allows 1.5 million white blood cells per millimeter of milk.  So there's blood in your milk. 

There are so many dairy-free treats all over the place now! 

There are so many dairy-free treats all over the place now! 

Why do vegans not eat eggs? 

An egg farm is filled with disgusting violence. Since male chicks are literally useless on these farms, they are immediately ground alive in a grinder or put in a giant plastic trash bag with hundreds of other baby chicks and smothered to death. Again, these animals are put through unimaginable pain and expected to produce eggs at an unnatural rate, so they're sent to slaughter at half their life expectancy. 

What if my products are free-range, grass-fed, organic, cage-free, hormone-free, etc? 

Yeah, that doesn't mean anything. 

But what do you eat? 

Burgers, macaroni and cheese, french fries, salad, soups, sandwiches, grilled cheese, quesadillas, oatmeal, smoothies, donuts, cookies, chili, ice cream, tacos, pizza, lasagna, Chick-Fil-A, sushi, Chipotle, muffins, beans, vegetables-- basically everything you do. 

But I could never go vegan. I can't give up _______.

Great, then give up everything but that one thing. Can't go vegan? Great, go vegetarian. Can't give up milk? Great, give up eggs. Can't give up eggs? Great, give up milk. Can't give up hamburgers? Great, give up chicken. Can't give up chicken? Great, give up red meat. Can't go vegan full-time? Great. go vegan 6 days a week. Can't do 6? Great, do 5. Can't do 5? Great, do 4? 

You get my point? Do your research. Think about the environmental, physical, and moral consequences of your food and then DO WHAT YOU CAN. But there is no excuse in 2018 to be eating mindlessly and continuing to support cruel, violent and unsustainable industries because it's what we've always done. 

I hope some questions were answered about eating vegan. If you have any other questions, I welcome them below. At the end of the day, I hope you do your own research, think for yourself and make the best choice that you can.