Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day, you guys! I truly think this a day worth celebrating. It's a day to do a random act of kindness to make the world a little brighter...I think we could all use some more positivity in the world-- don't you? 

In honor of RAK day, I'm sharing a list of 20 random acts of kindness you can committ TODAY! 

20 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today! // The Free & Wild Blog

1 // Buy coffee for the person behind you in line. 

2 // Text three people a compliment/encouragement RIGHT NOW. 

3 // Give a random just-because gift to someone in your life. 

4 // Put some money in an expired meter. 

5 // Bring a treat to work for your co-workers.

6// Say one GENUINE positive thing to someone who you just really isn't your cup of tea. 

7 // Give a small gift to your neighbor. 

8 // Forgive that person you're holding a grudge against. 

9 // Give a homeless person a few bucks, without wondering how they're going to spend it. 

10 // Leave your waitress the biggest tip you can afford. 

11 // Write an email to an old teacher or mentor who has made a big impact in your life. 

12 // Let a car into your lane, don't yell at the other drives + altogether avoid road rage today. 

13 // Start a conversation with a random stranger. 

14 // Give away something for free on Craigslist. 

15 // Give someone a real hug today. 

16 // Pick up litter you find on the street. 

17 // Go out of your way to encourage/compliment someone who is struggling today. 

18 // Volunteer! 

19 // Send anonymous flowers to someone. 

20 // Babysit for someone for free.