May 2017 // RECAP

Hello, there! I've been taking an impromptu break from Internet, which means I haven't been on social media or blogging at all. It's been so eye-opening, refreshing and SO relaxing. I've just needed to declutter my life a little- something I think everyone needs from time and time again. I'm not sure how frequently I'll be posting on here or social media, but for now, I wanted to share a very late May recap! 

May Recap // The Free & Wild Blog

May started with Teacher Appreciation Week. I love teaching, but I didn't realize how thankless the job can be. Not just from students and parents, but also from administration and co-workers. It felt so awesome to receive a little appreciation. My school has welcomed me like family and I am so thankful for my co-workers, my kiddos, their parents and our awesome PTA!

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This year, Bmore VegFest and the Mt. Vernon Flower Market fell on the same Saturday so we spent a very cold and rainy day downtown! VegFest was AMAZING. The west coast has such a huge vegan community, that I'm often very jealous of, so it was awesome to see SO many people from our city gathered to learn more about veganism, adopt animals and munch on amazing food! 

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Brandon and I got an early start on the anniversary celebrations by spending a weekend in Richmond, Virginia-- our favorite weekend getaway spot! It's packed with history, nature and vegan food, so what's not to love? It was so relaxing, plus we got to meet up and grab coffee with Rachel, which was so much fun! 

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On our actual anniversary, May 16th, we celebrated by revisiting our trees-- the place where we got married and a place that is so, so special to us. We reminisced on the years behind us, and the years ahead of us. Then, we headed to dinner at the restaurant who catered our wedding. It was so delicious and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. 

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I finally got to see my girls! I feel like we hadn't seen each other in forever and it was so awesome to be reunited! We had SUCH a special time. 

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I went on my first field trip! It was super nerve-wracking because I was POSITIVE one of my kids was going to get lost (any other teachers just have the class with wanderers?) but it went super well and the kids were SO excited to be there! They loved the dinosaur section! 

That's how my May went! What was your favorite thing you did in May?