March 2017 Recap //

Wow, March is typically a really long month that drags on for me, but this month FLEW by! I loved this month. I don't know if I was happier because I was off social media, or because I had an amazing St. Patrick's Day weekend or because I have a job... but this month was filled with good, amazing, sad, hard, frustrating, lovely, relaxing, incredible stuff. 

March Recap // The Free & Wild Blog

Eating // Healthy eating has been hard being so busy. I've been opting for convenience over health but I'm aiming to change that in April! 

Drinking // not enough water. Being a teacher means constantly being dehydrated because a. coffee and b. you can't drink too much water cause bathroom breaks only exist during lunch. Oh. And wine. Lots of wine. 

Watching // WE. FINALLY. SAW. LA LA LAND. And yes, it was as incredible as I thought, hoped and prayed it would be. I have had the soundtrack stuck in my head for over a week now. Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone make an amazing pair and I had no idea John Legend was in it. It deserves all the recognition it's gotten and I am totally obsessed with the soundtrack. 

Going // to work. Y'all. I have a big girl job. It's pretty awesome. I get a big girl pay check, too (; 

Reading // This month, I read Comfort Detox, Pond River Ocean Rain, Everything We Keep and Furiously Happy. I wanted to read 6 books. But hey, 4 out of 6 ain't bad. Plus, I have a job now as opposed to last month when I got to sit and read all day cause unemployment. 

Going // This month, I headed to the Tastemakers, Tea and Tonic event at Boutique 44 in Roland Park. It's always fun to have an excuse to go out with the girls, so we browsed the boutique, sipped tea cocktails with gorgeous flowers and got free earrings out of the deal. We tend to make a scene so we excused ourselves to grab some greasy junk food at Rocket To Venus. 

Celebrating // St. Patrick's Day! We had such a blast. Check out my recap HERE. Also, my perfect little niece also turned 3 this month! Also, I started my big girl job officially! Being a teacher is....interesting, we'll say. (;

At the end of this month, my great-aunt passed away. She was an amazing, amazing woman and losing her has been really tough on our family. She was in pain so I'm happy she's in a better place, but man, I'll miss her encouragement and love. Finding a way to celebrate her life through the pain has looked a lot like making the recipe for her special crab cakes (I know, I know....not vegan but honestly, it was a part of the grieving process, oddly enough) that they passed out at her funeral. She said no one could have her recipe until after she passed away, so they passed our her recipe cards during the funeral and that was so like her-- making sure we all are taken care of even after she is gone. Grief is so hard. It hurts but I'm learning to celebrate once it stops hurting so much. 

Listening // La La Land soundtrack. Seriously. No surprise there. Brandon and I sing City of Stars to each other all the time. Oh and Ed Sheeran's new album is EVERYTHING. 

Loving // Seriously. I have LOVED every second of my social media detox this month. I haven't missed it for one second-- I'm not kidding. I kinda love life off the grid. I like not broadcasting my every move. I love not knowing what everyone else is doing every second of every day. I love not being on my phone constantly out of habit. I love love love it. Hmmm... maybe I can work something out where I'm just on social media less going forward?  

Planning // We've been doing quite a bit of financial planning lately. We've been taking Financial Peace University at our church and it's got us thinking about investing and our future. We're kicking butt with saving and paying off debt. No, we aren't going on any incredible vacations this year, but we're doing the responsible thing by paying down debt and putting money away for the future...and honestly, that feels so good.

I'm also going to lotssss of doctor's appointments for my surgery in April. Ugh. Anyone else TERRIFIED of hospitals? I'm such a baby but I have SO much anxiety being anywhere near a doctor. 

Pinning // 
Rachel's Capsule Wardrobe // I love her cohesive recap of her capsule wardrobe and I love people who challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Taylor's Guide to Goodreads // This was so helpful in getting started on my reading journey. Goodreads has been the best motivator and Taylor was super helpful with her how to's. 

Megan's Guide to Instagrammable Spots in Baltimore // This is a follow-up to Megan's original guide, which was one of the first posts I read of her's, and this guide is just as good! 

How was your month? What did you do or love this month?