I'm Only A Morning Person on Disney Days //

After spending the morning in Hollywood Studios, we decided to use our Park Hopper pass to hop over to the Magic Kingdom. It was a short bus ride..and I was giddy with excitement when we walked up to Main Street. We saw Pluto, Chip & Dale and Donald signing autographs on Main Street...and I just knew I was home. 

I knew the first thing I needed to do in the Magic Kingdom. Two words-- DOLE. WHIP. I live for this stuff and eat it by the gallon when we're in Disney. 

We hopped on Pirates of the Caribbean, and then we headed to Tom Sawyer's Island. I had never been there, but had always wanted to since it was such a classic. We took the ferry over and wandered around the island for a bit. It was SUPER warm and we had some time to buy before our lunch reservations. 

We hopped on Haunted Mansion where I assured Brandon that I would be very brave. (; #baby I loved the interactive details they added to the queue! 

We had a FastPass for Space Mountain so we ran over to Tomorrowland. Does anyone else ever feel like they're going to hit their head on the outline of the roller coaster that they can see in the dark? Just me? Tall people probs, I guess. 

Also, don't I take really flattering photos on rides?! 

On to the main attraction for me... Be Our Guest! I had heard amazing things about this place and this was my first time back to Magic Kingdom since it opened. I was immediately impressed from the outside. 

Even with a reservation the wait was long and we aren't crazy about French cuisine (dumb Americans..) so we pulled outta line to talk it over. A cast member saw us discussing and she pulled us aside and told us that she didn't want us to leave if it was because of the wait. She personally took our order, gave it to the chef to expedite our meal and then our food was out in 15 minutes. DISNEY. FREAKING. MAGIC, PEOPLE. 

We agreed that the food was amazing and the details were so incredible. 

We wandered over to Gaston's Tavern which was AMAZING..and just like the movie. Seriously, my inner child was dying. I contemplating getting LeFou's brew...but I was so stuffed. 

I've seen this Chip mug on the Internet for some time now and I REALLY REALLY wanted it. But husband said no because we're trying to downsize mugs. Next trip though. It's happening. 

We headed back to Tomorrowland and decided to hop on the Carousel of Progress. It's such a classic and I rode it as a kid. Brandon had never been on but I assured him he would love it since he's such a history buff anyways. Well....we got stuck on the ride and had to listen to the same scene of the ride over, and over, and over again. Whoops. 

From there, the weather got weird. REALLY windy and rain starting pouring down. We figured now was the best time to wait in that 70 minute line for the The Seven Dwarves Roller Coaster that we couldn't get a FastPass for. I wanted to get on-- no matter how long the wait-- because it was new but was it really worth the WHOLE 70 minutes? Nope. It's cute though! 

It was still raining to we saw Mickey's Philharmagic (can we update that please?) and then we used our FastPass for Peter Pan's Flight which Brandon had never been on. It's hands down one of my favorites in all the Disney parks. There was also a 5 minute wait for It's A Small World, which we swore we wouldn't get on...but we caved. 

The rain started to get pretty bad, and it wasn't looking worth it to stay for the fireworks. So we walked along Main Street, holding hands in the rain --- just so happy to be here! We went in and out of shops, just laughing as we jumped in puddles. It was truly magical. 

We hopped on our bus back to the resort but not before we bought a Rice Krispie Mickey pop. We ordered junk food dinner from our food court at our resort and laid in bed, watching Celebrity Apprentice. Because we're on vacation, dangit.