What A Lazy Vegan Eats // No. 2

I'm a lazy vegan. I'm not a food blogger. I hate cooking. I can't take a nice picture of food to save my life-- and honestly, I have no interest in it. So it's always really impressive to me when another week goes by, and I've fed myself successfully. Like an adult. Well, kinda. So I like to document it, and also hope that people realize eating vegan/vegetarian/Meatless Monday's ain't no thang. 

What a Lazy Vegan Eats // The Free & Wild Blog


We whipped up some cauliflower wings and healthy coleslaw. OMG. SO FREAKING GOOD. 
Wing recipe//



I love Pad Thai. It's one of my favorite dishes and I made the most delicious pad thai last week. SO GOOD. 

PETA's Pad Thai Recipe//



I made some quick quesadillas using lentil taco filling, dairy-free cheese and corn tortilla. I love to load it up with avocado. This is such an easy peasy meal. 



Zucchini meatballs are one of my favorite recipes I've ever tried. I fried them in a little too much oil this time (which makes my stomach hurt) so next time, I think I'm going to bake them! (: 

Meatball inspiration // 


I love P.F. Chang's but their lettuce wraps aren't vegan. So I made a total copy-cat recipe with tofu and mushrooms (neither of which I love) and this was SO GOOD. Plus, how pretty does it look?! 

Lettuce wrap inspiration// 

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