The Ultimate Ireland Bucket List //

Ireland is my favorite place I've ever been. It's just so magical and I felt like I was home while I was there. Out of all my travels, Ireland is the one place I could reason going back to time and time and time again. It's also no wonder that St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday and I couldn't be more excited about my plans for it this year! So today, I'm sharing my Ireland Bucket List! 

The Ultimate Irish Bucket List // The Free & Wild Blog

Kiss the Blarney Stone. 

This is my number one because it's a CLASSIC. You can't go to Ireland and not kiss the Blarney Stone. Exploring the castle is so incredible. The grounds and the all of the ruins are so breathtaking, it's just remarkable. I couldn't believe there was so much history at Blarney Castle, and it was the most magical moment, kissing the Blarney Stone. I had been dreaming of it for years, while I was saving up to study abroad and this made it all worth it. 

Explore the Cliffs of Moher. 

The Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking. You could spend all day here. There is so much to explore, a ton of wildlife to see (puffins!) and it's just overall incredible. You can't go to Ireland and not see the Cliffs of Moher. 

Drink in a pub. 

Find a pub, any pub. Order a tall drink. Sit and listen to live pub music. Start a conversation with the person next to you. Soak it all in. This is what Ireland is all about. 

Tour the Guinness Factory. 

I have never done this but it's on my bucket list (even though I'm gluten-free...) I've heard amazing tings about the Guinness Factory tour, especially the drink at the end at the Sky Bar. 


Visit Kilarney National Park. 

You may not think of National Parks when it comes to Ireland but the natural beauty this country has to offer is absolutely breathtaking. There are wild horses, green mountains and just overall, a sense of magic. 

Tour a castle. 

There's so many to choose from, so just pick one and I promise it will be worth your time. I was amazed to see how far back these castles went. I thought they would be from the 1600's or so. Nope, 1400's and early. Even going back to AD. 

Drive along the coast. 

The drive along the Dingle Coast is absolutely amazing. The blue of the water, against the green of the grass, with the mountains and islands in the background. You're going to want to drive it twice. Make sure you stop to check out the beaches along the way. 

Go to the Titanic Museum. 

This one is definitely on my bucket list, still. I have always wanted to go to this museum since it opened in Belfast. I think it's a gorgeous building and it looks so interesting. 



Drink an Irish coffee.

Again, come on, people. You're in Ireland. You have to have an Irish coffee. I had one in a cafe in Galway, and it was bitter, strong and everything I would expect from an old Irish woman making me an Irish coffee at noon.