I Survived The Tower of Terror //

I woke up on Sunday at 7:00 AM -- ready to go. My life motto should be "I'm only a morning person on Disney days" cause it's so true. I wake up and I am ready in 15 and out the door. I dragged Brandon outta bed, and we got going because I wanted to be at Hollywood Studios when it open-- per all the suggestions of the guide books. 

Hollywood Studios Recap // The Free & Wild Blog

I ate a gluten-free blueberry muffin in line while waiting for the bus. We didn't wait long and then we were on our way! We arrived exactly when the park was opening for Extra Magic Hours (the parks sometimes have different park times for resort guests-- you can get in early or stay late) We arrived at 8:00 and were able to walk right in! 

We knew we had to hit the big rides first. We got right in line for Rock'n Roller Coaster since there was a 5 minute wait. Brandon and I were in the second row and let me tell ya...I didn't need any caffeine to wake me up cause a whirl on that bad boy is enough to wake you up.

Right next door is Tower of Terror. I had never been on because I'm a chicken when it comes to dark rides. But after hearing the news about the Tower of Terror in Disneyland, I was worried about whether I would have a chance to ever get on this classic ride, in case they decide to change this one, too! (Please don't!) 

I was actually terrified during the drops on this ride..but I have to say this may actually be one of my favorite rides in Disney now. The effects, the creativity, the story line-- Disney thinks of everything. The pictures we got from this ride were priceless. 

Peep me in the back holding onto Brandon for dear life. 

Peep me in the back holding onto Brandon for dear life. 


This one is my personal favorite...almost thought about buying it! 

From there, we hit up The Great Movie Ride and Star Tours. We walked back to where Muppets 3D is and it's just so empty from all the renovations and addition of Star Wars Land. It's crazy to think that the Backlot Tour, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and the Stunt Show...are all gone. Those are the rides of my childhood and I know they are going to replace them with something better...but it's kinda sad. It's like I have to finally accept that the 90's are over. 

We moseyed along Sunset Blvd. and looked in a few shops but we had pretty much done everything we wanted to by 10:30 AM. Hollywood Studios definitely felt empty due to all the renovations but I'm glad the classic rides are still there!