How To Love Reading When You Hate It //

I have been a long-time hater of reading. Once I hit college, I just didn't like it as much anymore. But I recently fell back in love with reading and now I can't get enough. Here's how. 

How To Love Reading When You Actually Hate It // The Free & Wild Blog

1 // Find what you like

I hate fiction. I really enjoy memoirs and autobiographies. I like non-fiction that helps me see life in a different perspective. I started reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist while on a mountain vacation where I was trying to unplug. I devoured the book and wanted more books, just like it. Seems like trying to force fiction and classics down my own throat just didn't work for me! 

2 // Use GoodReads

My friend, Rachel, turned me onto GoodReads. It's basically social media for books and it's....AMAZING. I am on it every single day, pretty much. You can interact with your friends over books, write reviews, track your progress, make reading's basically the best. It keeps me so motivated to read! 

P.S. Find me on GoodReads. 

3 // Make a reading challenge

I use GoodReads for this, but it's been really helpful to make a reading challenge. As someone who didn't really like reading, I set my challenge for 2017 for 25 books. At the time, it felt lofty but realistic. But I started the challenge a month ago, and I'm almost halfway done. Plus, every time I finish a book, I see that progress bar go up a little bit more and it feels SO GOOD! 

4// Read in different places

This has been HUGE for me. I have been trying to read in as many new places as I possibly can. I discovered I wanted to read more on vacation, and I really think the change of scenery helped. Now, I read anywhere. In a hammock, in the bath, in bed, in the morning, at work, during lunch, at my mom's house... anywhere. 

5 // Share your reading achievements

This has been really cool! GoodReads lets you share everything related to reading with your friends. So it's been super fun to track the books I've read, or how far done I am with a book, or to leave a review of a book and have friends comment back or like your progress. It feels so encouraging and it makes it feel like a community, instead of a solo gig. 

Do you like reading? Why or why not?