My Healthy Self-Care Routine //

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Do you ever feel like life won't slow down? That's me lately. As a teacher, wife, and millennial, I'm constantly trying to balance work, relationships, hobbies and a social life-- and sometimes, that can just leave me feeling super burnt out. I know practicing self-care is important, but I always struggle to make time to slow down and treat myself, so today, I'm sharing my healthy self-care suggestions! 

My Healthy Self-Care Routine // The Free & Wild Blog

My Healthy Self-Care Routine: 

Get outside //
I don't know about you but sometimes. all I need is some fresh air for a renewed perspective.  Even if it's as simple as just sitting on my mom's front porch or taking a walk around the block, it can truly make all the difference in refreshing your spirit. 

My Healthy Self-Care Routine // The Free & Wild Blog

Change into comfy clothes you love // Sometimes, changing out of work clothes and throwing your hair up in a messy bun is all you need after a stressful day. There's something about familiar clothes that are comfy but also make you feel great. Instead of opting for ratty sweatpants, I love these soft patterned harem pants with a V-neck tee and my favorite over-sized sweater. 

Get movin' // When I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is work out, but honestly, when I force myself to move my body for an extra 15 minutes after work, I feel SO much better. Whether it's yoga, taking my precious pup for a walk or just tossing a baseball around with Brandon, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated 9 times out of ten. 

Read a book // Sometimes, you just need to escape and while I spend a lot of my day and evenings in front of a screen, I find that I can care for myself the best when I'm not behind a screen. So, lately, I've been diving into a good book at the end of a workday.  

Indulge in a healthy treat // Some people think of self-care as indulging in treats like ice cream or a sugary latte. I'm all for indulging but I also believe that treating your body well is the ultimate form of self-care. 

My Healthy Self-Care Routine // The Free & Wild Blog
Lately I've been opting for DASANI® Sparkling in Strawbery Guava as a treat throughout the day. I found this new flavor at Target in the sparkling water aisle and I couldn't believe it was only $2.99 for an 8-pack of slim cans. I also saw two other new flavors- Blood Orange and White Peach. I can't wait to try those next! I love how refreshing DASANI Sparkling is without the guilt of sugar and calories.
20170415_232752000_iOS 1.jpg
This is the perfect pick-me-up treat for springtime because it's bubbly, yummy and keeps you feeling light and healthy! Be sure to check out some more awesome ways to use DASANI Sparkling this spring!