February 2017 Recap //

Oh, February. The month that wouldn't end. February is the shortest month, but this month DRAGGED for me. At some points, I found myself wishing this month away. Maybe it was unemployment. Maybe it was the seriously weird weather. But this month left me restless, itching for rhythm and routine. This month was in no way a bad or difficult month, just a month where I struggled to slow down, appreciate the little things. 

February Recap // The Free & Wild Blog


Eating // like crap. This month, I tried to challenge myself to 30 days of healthy eating, after totally eating whatever in Disney in January. But I am not sure what happened. I think our weird schedules and random events that popped up kept me from my meal planning. I also tried to just buy healthy ingredients and whip something up each night for dinner. I planned on eating the same 3-4 healthy meals each week for dinner but I realized I'm someone who craves variety in my diet. I want all types of cuisines and ingredients and flavors, while B wants Mexican food every single night. I called this month a bust for healthy eating, but March is calling my name for a re-do. 

Drinking // coffee! After my caffeine-free January, it's really nice to have some java running through my veins again. And per my unhealthy habits that took over in February, I began drinking some soda again too. It's my weakness. However, I am happy to report I am still not addicted to caffeine and I am still reaping the benefits of cutting the addiction-- like waking up happier and easier! 

Watching // Parks and Rec. I'm re-watching the series and it's even better the second (or fourth) time around. 

Going //to Massanutten, Virginia for a ski trip with my family. It just so happened to be 75 degrees the weekend we were there, and we're not ones for skiing so we enjoyed the hot tub and the amazing hiking trails at Shenandoah National Park nearby. 

Reading // Caring for Creation by Paul Douglas and Present over Perfect by Shauna Neiquist. Both are game changers. I also randomly read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines in like a day.

Playing // okay, don't judge me. But I am obsessed with Disney Tsum Tsums and I'm buying them all in the name of "My students will need reading buddies for our reading nook..." but secretly, I'm trying to collect them all. (Hint: I just got the cutest Stitch one) But there's also a Tsum Tsum game for your phone, which is kinda like Bejeweled and wow, I definitely went over our data way too quick because of this game. (Even got B hooked...SUCCESS!) 

Celebrating // Valentine's Day in DC. Brandon surprised me with a day in DC where we took a Capitol tour-- which was amazing-- and then we sat in on a Senate hearing, which sounds nerdy but was absolutely incredible. Then, we headed to our favorite restaurant in DC for veggie burgers and Moscow mules. Then, we took a cab to a jazz club where we sipped fancy drinks and listened to our favorite kind of music. It was hands down the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. 

Listening // The Lumineers. This is our favorite band and they're going to be in Pittsburgh in March...but the date doesn't work for us. Oh well. We'll just keep singing Cleopatra in our heads all month. 

Buying // Brandon and I got some new clothes at Old Navy the other weekend, which if you know us is a huge deal because we buy new clothes about once a year. We're just not super into spending money on clothes, when we'd rather spend it on other things that are more important to us. But we definitely went on a shopping spree and I got the CUTEST dress for....$1.97. Yep. 

I got this new top from Old Navy and I'm in love with it! 

I got this new top from Old Navy and I'm in love with it! 

Planning // a social-media free March. If you notice a decreased presence on my social media platforms or here at the blog, I'm off spending time with friends face to face, focusing on my new job, hiking outside, slowing down, cutting out the noise, shushing the negativity and opinions,  writing with a pen more than with a keyboard, and generally, taking my life back from technology and the self-esteem boosts likes on Facebook and Instagram give me. 

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How was your February!?