5 Tips To Getting Extra Magic At Disney //

Disney is the most magical place on earth, to be sure, but I have 5 tips to help you get extra magic out of your Disney vacation! 

5 Ways To Get Extra Magic At Disney // The Free & Wild Blog

1// Stay at a resort
This is my number one tip. You simply just get more perks by staying at a resort. I rave about staying at Disney resorts for this reason alone. Check out my friend Macy's post on all the perks you get from staying on resort! 

2// Get a button
Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, first time visit, family reunion or graduation? Get a button! You can get a free button by going to most kiosks and asking for one. By doing this, cast members (and other guests!) will know it's your special day, and you just may get some extra special treatment. When we were on our honeymoon, we got free desserts, a song dedication to us, flowers, and a private ride on It's A Small World! 

3// Start a conversation
All it takes is a conversation to get a little extra magic at Disney. While we were in the different countries, we would ask the cast members how to say something in their language, which led to some extra magical moments throughout the World Showcase. In the Japan pavilion, we've talked to cast members who offered to help us get dressed in kimonos, which led to a special photo op. In Norway, we FaceTimed my cousin's daughter, which lead to magical screenshots of Anna and Elsa. Who else can say that Anna and Elsa used their cell phone? All it takes it a conversation to lead to something magical! 

4// Look for the details
Whether it's Hidden Mickeys or just soaking in all the details that Disney has to offer, you're going to feel a little extra magic by slowing down and soaking in all that there is to see. 

5// Just ask
This one shocked me, but truly made things more magical for us. Frozen Ever After is one of the hottest rides at Disney right now, and even 90 days out, we couldn't get FastPasses. However, my cousins were able to get two for themselves. We spent the day together and when it came time for their FastPass, I had a crazy idea to just...ask. I went up to the cast memeber at the front of the queue and explained that two people in our party had FastPasses but my husband and I didn't. I asked politely if we could just tag along and he smiled and told me to go right ahead. We waited 10 minutes to get on Frozen Ever After and the ride was incredible! I'm not sure if this would have been the case if we would have gone during a more crowded time of the year, but it's always worth asking for that extra magic!