Disney World // Day 3

On Monday, I woke up early once again to get ready to head to Epcot. This time, we were meeting up with my cousins. Kerry just graduated nursing school and she ALSO got a Disney/Harry Potter World trip for her present. We made plans to do our separate things the first two days and then meet up for the last two. 

We beat them to the parks -- I'm telling you...I'm a morning person here-- and it started POURING right when we were waiting to scan our tickets. I started to get really disappointed because it rained yesterday, too. Also, before we left, I asked Brandon if I should bring a sweatshirt. He said that yesterday morning was cold, but then it got super hot during the day and I probably wouldn't need it. Wrong. 

We headed straight to Test Track--which I had never been on! Seriously one of the coolest rides...I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

We met up with Caity and Kerry...and used our FastPasses for Spaceship Earth aka the ride inside the big Epcot ball. When we first got on, Brandon decided to be funny and put our language for the ride in as Spanish-- and then it was too late to change it. So we basically sat on this 5 minute ride listening to someone speaking in Spanish and I had no idea what was going on. I knew they were going to take our picture so I made an angry face...but Brandon had no idea and was trying to console me... our picture is hilarious. 

We decided to ride Finding Nemo and Living with the Land-- classics-- before heading the World Showcase. This has always been a family favorite for us and it's so fun to be able to relive Disney as an adult with my cousins, when we went to Disney so many times together as kids.


We started in Canada-- where Brandon immediately got a Canadian beer at like 11:00 AM. We thought it would be funny to get a picture of all the girls in each country...and then Brandon by himself. That's what he gets from being the only boy. He got lots of comments about it all day too.... 

If you know Brandon at all, you completely understand how this photo completey captures his essence as a human... 

United Kingdom

We wandered in and out of the little stores throughout the UK and even saw Mary Poppins...where I mildly fan-girled. Then, I decided it would be funny to stuff us all in a phone booth...

The smell of fish and chips reminded us that we were ready for lunch...and we decided that we wanted nachos. So we backtracked through UK and Canada to head to....


When we got there, we found out that the tortilla chips in Disney are no longer gluten-free, which is stupid and sucks. So I got rice, beans and tortillas to make my own tacos. We sat by the water...where it happened to be incredibly cold and windy. At least we had margaritas! 


Norway has always been one of my favorite countries in the World Showcase, and when we saw that there was a 5 minute wait to meet Anna and Elsa...we just had to do it! Caity FaceTimed her kiddo, Reilly, so she could talk to them and it was PRICELESSS. 


We wandered around China and looked in their market because they have some of the best stuff. I love the attention to details! 


Germany was next and we let Brandon hop in on this one. We saw Snow White signing autographs and it was just super magical. I also spotted a super sparkly, super real tiara. I knew I was meant to have it...but decided to save it as a souvenir for next time. 

Brandon and Kerry split a beer and got some pretzels, too. Boo for the gluten-free people. 


We caught the tail end of a mime show in Italy and then posed for a picture by the fountain! Didn't stop for spaghetti though...maybe next time! 


We wondered around a gift shop, tried on silly hats and wondered if non-Americans by American themed souvenirs because they think it's cool....just like we bought stuff in China and France?


We love the Japanese markets here! I fell in love with a beautiful mint colored tea kettle but I didn't get it-- for next time! We had some veggie sushi rolls and caught the tail end of the drum show! 


This another one of my favorite pavilions in the World Showcase. There are so many details to look at and explore! It was freezing outside so we got hot Moroccan hot tea-- so delicious! 


Our last stop was France, where we sampled some wine and bought a bottle or two to take home. We smelled perfume and soap and I was so freezing that Brandon bought me the cutest sweatshirt with Mickey and Minnie by the Eiffel Tower-- such a gentleman (; 

It was such a magical day, traveling the world with my family!