The Easiest DIY Dry Shampoo //

Did anyone else hate showering as a kid? It seemed like the biggest waste of time. Anyone else totally lie to their parents about washing their hair? If you ain't raisin' ya hand, ya playin'. But then the tables turned when I became an adult because when you're an adult, you're actually NOT supposed to wash your hair too much. It's a beautiful thing. 

So began my love affair with dry shampoo. I don't love another hair product like I love dry shampoo. And I'm so low maintenance (i.e. lazy) that it's only one of two products I faithfully use on my hair. As my obsession grew, I began to notice how quickly I was going through this stuff. It wasn't until I realized that I had 4 empty dry shampoo cans laying in my trash can that I began to wonder how bad this stuff was for the planet.

DIY Dry Shampoo // Hey, Annie Demm

Since I'm trying my best to lean towards a low-waste lifestyle (which means I'm trying to send as little stuff to the landfill as possible), I always wanted to find a low waste dry shampoo. Since most dry shampoos come in an aerosol can which are rarely recycled and have chemicals in them that create asthma-inducing smog and increase your carbon foot print (thumbs down), I began to wonder if I could make my own dry shampoo. 

Turns out that with only a few cheap ingredients, you can make your own customized dry shampoo that is low-waste, good for you and the environment and works just as well (if not better!) than the old stuff you were using! Let me show you how it's done: 

The Easiest DIY Dry Shampoo // Hey, Annie Demm

5 Reasons You Should Switch to All-Natural Dry Shampoo //

1. Aerosol dry shampoos use propellants that deplete the ozone layer. Without the ozone layer, we aren't protected from the sun's harmful rays and climate change is sped up significantly. 

2. Talc is used in many dry shampoo formulas and talc has been linked to causing cancer. 

3. They have alcohol in them (not the good kind)...but the kind that dries and strips your hair and makes it look blah instead of looking awesome.

4. Once you initally invest in the cornstarch and cocoa powder (and essential oils, if you choose), you will never be out of dry shampoo again. You can literally make this recipe a dozen times or more before you will need to go out and by more. (Both ingredients can be purchased at most dollar stores, btw....) 

5. You could literally EAT this dry shampoo. Would you be willing to eat your aerosol dry shampoo? Why not? If you aren't willing to put it in your body, should we be willing to put it on the skin that protects our brain? 

The Easiest DIY Dry Shampoo //


  • 1/2 cup cornstarch 
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder (more or less depending on your hair color- if you're fun blonde, this should be good enough for you. If you're a saucy brunette, you may want to add more!) 

    **To make even lower waste, get your cocoa powder and cornstarch from the bulk bins at a local health store like Mom's Organic Market. Bring your reusable container and put them both inside. Now, you're halfway done! 

    You could stop here and it would be perfectly fine, but I wanted my dry shampoo to work a little harder for me since I was going to be putting it in my hair all. the. time. I decided to throw in a mix of essential oils! I suggest using 8-10 drops of whatever oils you want to use. My current faves are lavender and rosemary but here are some suggestions to get you started: 
  • Lavender Oil = thick, long hair 
  • Rosemary Oil= GREAT for hair growth, can prevent hair loss + slow those gray hairs down
  • Chamomile Oil= smooth, shiny hair 
  • Cedarwood Oil= combats thinning hair and those battling alopecia 
  • Clary Sage Oil= helps with stress induced hair loss
  • Lemongrass Oil= helps with dandruff 
  • Peppermint Oil= helps with hair growth, combats dandruff and lice 
DIY Dry Shampoo // Hey, Annie Demm


  1. Pretty simple but mix 1/2 cup of cornstarch and 1/3 cup cocoa powder as needed in a reusable jar. 
  2. Add more cocoa powder as needed, depending on how dark your hair is.
    **If you are not adding essential oils, skip to step 4**
  3. Add 8-10 drops each of whatever mixes of essential oils you want. 
  4. Use an old makeup brush or your fingers to brush on/add a pinch of dry shampoo to your scalp. 
  5. Rub it in and fluff your hair. You are looking gorgeous!

I just use my fingers to add the dry shampoo to my hair but I have seen some people using thrifted salt shakers which isn't a bad idea and I actually may try with my next batch! I travel with this stuff all the time by putting it in a time jar and just using my fingers to apply it while away from home. Enjoy step by step photos on how to apply it to your hair! Anyone want to hire me as a dry shampoo model? ;) 


If you're interested in oils but don't know where to start, feel free to shoot me a message and I would love to help you get started (I don't make money off of oils- I just like helping people get started with some natural healing!) 

If you try this dry shampoo, please post on your social media and tag me in it @anniedemm so I can see it! It makes me so happy to see people save money, help the planet, reduce their waste and look gorgeous! 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on social media or leave a comment!