5 Things to Buy To Help You Survive Winter//

This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that if you click on one of the links and buy something, I get literally a few cents. All of these products are things I love and personally use. I would never knowingly steer you wrong!

I shared the other day on Instagram Stories that I had bought a few things to help me survive the winter. You guys, I am NOT playing around this winter. I am refusing to let winter get me down and keep me from being happy. Seasonal depression is REAL but there are so many things you can do to fight it…or simply just have a more enjoyable winter.

5 Things You Need To Buy To Survive The Winter// Hey, Annie Demm

1// This Mini-Space Heater

This thing is so cute and sleek. It’s so easy to carry around the house whenever you go. When I say that it is mini…I actually mean it. It’s smaller than my head. Because it is so little, you need to be sitting right next to it to feel any of the heat. But that isn’t a bad thing. I sleep with this thing on my night stand and it keeps me cozy all night. It is little, but I also haven’t had to turn on my heat so far this season, which is pretty dang incredible. It’s pretty quiet and the white noise it produces has actually helped me fall asleep at night faster. It also have a shut off function where it will shut off before it overheats. Just a heads up, it will only work if it is on a flat surface like a table. It won’t work on carpet. Though it’s little, I definitely notice that it heats up our space quite a bit.


2// This Long Puffy Coat

THE SLEEPING BAG. YESSSSS. If you have known me at all in the past year, you know that I love my sleeping bag coat. Like SO MUCH. I use it from November to March and I have NO IDEA how I functioned before this. It is the warmest thing ever and actually makes being outside not the worst thing in the entire world. If you are going to go through winter, you need to have a sleeping bag coat. I don’t care how hideous you think it is. Just do it. This one is vegan and THE BEST.


3// These Essential Oils

Oils are going to help us survive winter. I order all my oils from Young Living. Did you know that you don’t need to be a member to buy oils from Young Living?

(But if you want a membership, let me know! I don’t currently sell oils but can hook you up with someone who does!)

Here is my list of oils to survive winter:
-Thieves for fighting germs and boosting your immune system
-Lavender for anti-depression
-Lemon for mood boosting and putting in hot tea
-Peppermint for fighting headaches, stomachaches and putting in hot cocoa
-Frankincense for grounding and fighting anxiety and depression
-Christmas Spirit cause it smells good
-Envision for lifting your spirits


4// This Weighted Blanket

This is seriously on my Christmas list. I have wanted one of these things for forever now. Seriously. They look so comfortable and amazing and they are supposed to be really good for anxiety. Plus, so warm.

5// This Natural Light Alarm Clock

This one might be the biggest game changer. This alarm clock isn’t just a weird looking alarm clock. It’s also a seasonal depression light. When it wakes you up in the morning, it will gradually increase the natural light to help you wake up- which has been SO AMAZING to wake up to natural light. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. You can also just turn on the light as a reading light or just a season depression light to help lift your spirits. There is a ton of research that backs up how important light is to our moods. This has been A GAME CHANGER, Y’ALL.

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How do you feel about the winter? What are your winter must haves?