Beauty and The Beast Cocktails //

I'm known for grumbling and complaining that March is LITERALLY the worst month. It's super long and cold. But this year...I'm SO EXCITED.

Why? I love St. Patty's Day. But this year, my favorite holiday is EVEN BETTER because the live-action Beauty and the Beast comes to theaters. It's gonna be the best day ever so I created something super fun to help get me prepared for the big day. 

Beauty & The Beast Cocktails // The Free & Wild Blog

For Belle's drink, I knew I wanted it to use a rose wine. The drink had to be pink like the rose that is so characteristic of the story. I also wanted there to be a kick, which is where the vodka comes in. I also thought the black berries looked so pretty against the pink of the drink! 

The Belle: 

  • 5 oz. rose wine 
  • 25 mL vodka 
  • a splash of 7-up 
  • black berries to garnish

How pretty is this drink?! 

For the Beast drink, I wanted the bite of the ginger beer, with the spice of the rum. A splash of lime is there to remind us that the Beast isn't all that scary in the end (; Plus, check out this golden color...just like Belle's dress in the most magical scene of the whole movie! 

The Beast: 

  • 5 oz ginger beer
  • 50 mL spiced rum 
  • squeeze of a lime 

I used Fentiman's Traditional Ginger Beer from the UK, which I thought was appropriate since the story takes place in the UK. I also like that this ginger beer is gluten-free and vegan. YUM. 


Don't these drinks look so pretty next to each other?! I hope they get you ready for the preimere of the new movie in a few weeks! (: 

Are you looking forward to new Beauty and the Beast movie?