The Baltimore Baton // April

This weekend, I held the Baltimore Baton and it was so much fun! The Baltimore Baton is an Instagram account that was created by my friend, Megan. It's a photo relay between Baltimore locals that take over the Instagram each weekend to share their favorite places in Baltimore whether it's Instastories or posting pictures. I had a blast and I wanted to share with you the ins and outs of the weekend for me! 

The Baltimore Baton // The Free & Wild Blog

We got an early start to the day and were out of the house by 8:00 AM. We live right by Zeke's so we knew we had to stop there for some coffee. It's a Baltimore classic, as Zeke's is served every in Baltimore! 

Then, we headed for Lake Montebello. Lake Montebello is one of my favorite spots in the city. It's hidden behind Morgan University and I grew up playing around the lake and riding bikes here. When Brandon and I were dating long-distance, we would spend most of our sunset hours here, strolling and chatting, before he had to go home. 

All that strolling made us hungry and we both knew without talking where we were heading-- Harmony. Harmony Bakery in Hampden is my favorite place to grab breakfast or lunch. They know us by name there and bagels at Harmony have become something of a ritual. The entire bakery is 100% gluten-free, 100% vegetarian and most of their items of vegan. My very non-vegan family LOVES Harmony, proving that this place is for EVERYONE.  

It was still early, but we decided to stroll The Avenue, even though most of the shops don't open until 11:00 AM there. It was cool because there were some sculptures set up for Light City that we got to see. I loved that the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom! 

Since it was the first day of April, I knew I had to share my favorite picnic spot in Roland Park-- Sherwood Gardens. The tulips are starting to bloom and honestly, within a few weeks, the Garden should be in full swing. This is the most peaceful place to stroll. 

We headed home for a power nap and a donut break before heading to Alexander's Tavern for tots and sandwiches. Then, we headed to Light City to meet up with our people! 

Light City is a huge international festival in Baltimore where art exhibits are set up all around the city in various neighborhoods. Once it gets dark, the art exhibits light up. There's music, food and good times. 

I literally had the best weekend and I was so happy to be able to share it with all the lovely people at The Baltimore Baton. 

What's your favorite part about where you live?