Balance + Bloggers //

I sat in the cutest coffee shop in Richmond, Virginia with black decaf coffee in a handmade blue pottery mug. Blind dates are always awkward. Except, this wasn't a blind date. But meeting people off the Internet always kinda feels like one. Your mama always tells you to never talk to strangers, but what if those strangers become some of the sweetest souls you know? 

I started reading Rachel's blog back in 2014 and with every word, I found myself nodding and saying "YES". It seemed like our spirits and life experiences were in sync and I loved the way that Rachel could put what I was going through in words, in ways I don't have the talent or ability to articulate. 

I shared my story on her blog in 2015, and she shared her story with me and, guys, I'm just a huge fan of this girl. So, when Brandon and I headed to Richmond for an anniversary weekend trip, we knew hanging out with Rachel was top of the list. 

We sat over coffee, like old friends, laughing and catching up on life. We talked about podcasts we like and the best places to do yoga and get a taco in Richmond. We talked about our churches and the lonliness you can sometimes feel being a twenty-something. 

We talked about social media and this sweet word called BALANCE. We wondered aloud how to find the balance between a well-documented life and a life that is free from comparison, judgement and  measuring your life by a bio and those little square pictures. We talked about the fine line between self-promotion and prideful selfishness, a mind and heart and spirit that is centered around self. We laughed-- sharing that some days, we just want to delete it all, while some days, we can't get enough. 

We talked about finding people who want to dive deeper, who want to open up and share their lives and souls with us. We shared that it's hard sometimes, to find people who want more than the shallow conversations, the fluff, the feel-good stuff. 

As we talked, Rachel's boldness for life just spilled up out of her. She's the kind of person who isn't afraid. She pushes herself and when you sit with her, it makes you feel a little bit braver. She talked about going kayaking and taking a pottery class and going on solo trips. She drinks life sweetly in steady measures, being sure not to miss a savory drop of the cards she's been dealt. She makes you excited about your life. 

So I guess the point of this is: Take risks. Meet people who fill you with life. Go out and be bold. Find the balance.