April 2017 Recap //

April was seriously such a good month. Maybe it's the warm weather. Maybe it's all the GOODNESS that straight up showered this month with happiness. Either way, take a peek at what I did this month with me! 

April Recap // The Free & Wild Blog

Eating// home cooked meals again! After my leg surgery, we were eating a ton of take-out and we just started feeling like crap. Once I could walk again, I became obsessed with making sure we were able to eat at home as often as possible. My fave recipe this month? Zucchini meatballs!

Drinking// coffee! I'm not sure if you noticed a new hashtag popping up on my Instagram but Brandon and I have a Saturday morning tradition of coffee in the city. I started documenting all our favorite places with #bmorecoffeecrawl. Check it out! 

Watching// Beauty and the Beast! Being a huge Disney fan, I was very skeptical because I haven't been impressed with the live-action remakes of Cinderella or The Jungle Book so far. Also, don't shoot me, but I can't stand Emma Watson...so I wan't optimisitic. But it was actually very good! Plus, we saw it at the CineBistro...which is my new fave place ever.  

Loving// exploring our own city like tourists. We went to Light City, grabbed lunch at the Mt. Vernon Marketplace, walked to the top of the Washington Monument and went antique shopping in Hampden. I also loved hosting The Baltimore Baton and I can't wait to host again in August! 

Reading// nothing. I started several books but never finished them (classic Annie...) I am looking forward to reading more in May though! 

Celebrating// Megan and Chris' engagement! Can I just say how much we adore both of these humans? They are some of the most genuine, authentic, hilarious, adorable and in-love couples I have ever met in my life. They balance each other perfectly. I love watching them interact (is that creepy?) But seriously, they are the kind of couple that makes me want to love Brandon better... and if you're married, you know how important it is to surround yourself with people who inspire you to treat your spouse with more patience and gentleness (and if you know me, you know I struggle in both of these areas IMMENSELY.) These are some of my people and my heart is so FULL knowing that for the rest of our lives, we get to shower these two with love and support. TEARS. 

Listening// to country music...windows down....warm breeze...yeah, life is good these days. Chris Young is my favorite! <3 

Going// slower. I had leg surgery over my spring break and I have to say it was definitely an easier recovery than I expected but some parts were more difficult than others. I felt great the day after so I did more walking than I should have...and busted a stitch or two. Most days were great, but some days left me crying in the middle of a grocery store aisle because it hurt to go any further. You know it's bad when the old people on scooters whiz by you and stare....overall, I'm feeling a lot better. I still have a few stitches and briuses but overall, I'm back to normal! 

Planning// our anniversary! Our 2nd anniversary is May 16th and I am so excited to celebrate!