5 Super Cheap, Eco-Friendly Life Hacks //

This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that if you click on one of the links and buy something, I get literally a few cents. All of these products are things I love and personally use. I would never knowingly steer you wrong!

I truly believe that saving money, saving the planet and saving your health all goes hand in hand. Living your best, healthiest life should NOT be expensive or out of reach for most people. Here are the 5 easy, cheap and eco-friendly switches I’ve made this year to reduce our budget and improve our health!

5 Super Cheap, Eco-Friendly, Life Hacks // Hey, Annie Demm

1 // DIY Dry Shampoo ($2 at Dollar Tree)

A while ago, I started making my own DIY dry shampoo. It is the easiest thing to make, takes about 2 minutes, is completely customizable based on your hair’s needs, and I spent $2 at the Dollar Tree on the base ingredients. I did the math and I wound up getting about 20 jars of dry shampoo from those two ingredients, which breaks down to about 10 cents per container. Completely eco-friendly, zero-waste, vegan and CHEAP!


2// Deodorant / ($10 on Amazon)

I started using all-natural deodorant when I realized how much aluminium and parabens are in most deodorants. These parabens were messing with my hormones and and both aluminium and parabens are said to cause cancer. So I set out to try all the natural deodorants. And this is BY FAR, the best one I have found. This small tin is $10 and lasted me almost 2 months, since a little goes a long way. That breaks down to 22 cents per use. Plus, the tin is completely zero-waste and recyclable. I keep the little tins though to hold my earrings when I travel!


3 // Moisturizer ($4.49 at Aldi)

I realized I was spending WAY too much on moisturizer and body lotions from places like Target and Bath and Body Works. And honestly? They contain so many ingredients that are linked to disrupting hormones and causing cancer. So I switched to coconut oil as a full-body moisturizer and facial moisturizer that I apply before my makeup every morning, and after I wash my face at night. I am in LOVE. I will never use another moisturizer. Plus, a jar of this is less than $5 at Aldi and lasts me months and months. Plus, the glass jar is recyclable (I keep the jar and use it store food in my pantry!). You can also buy it on Amazon HERE.


4// Safety Razor ($5 a year on Amazon)

In February, I switched to this beautiful safety razor instead of disposable razors. Disposable razors are NOT recyclable and sit in a landfill when thrown away. And 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away A YEAR. If you are worried about what your plastic straws are doing for the earth, you should definitely be worried about what your disposable razors are doing. The average person spends around $115 on disposable razors a year. Ain’t nobody got room in their budget to set aside over $100 annually to shave ya legs.

So I switched to this safety razor that I got from Amazon for $20. It wasn’t any different to use and I replace the blades every 5 shaves. This costs me about $5 a year. Plus, this razor is much more beautiful, gives a closer shave and reduces the amount of waste I make. These blades create so much less waste. Plus, I have cut myself WAY LESS with a safety razor than a disposable one.


5// All Purpose Cleaning Spray // ($1 at Dollar Tree)

Even the most natural cleaners you can buy still have some unknown ingredients in them, create a ton of plastic waste and are pricey! So, I did a ton of research and decided that this little guy was the best way to clean my home- specifically my bathroom- from now on. It’s just vinegar, diluted with warm water. I put it in an old dish soap bottle and I am not lying when I tell you that I love this cleaner more than any of the cleaners I bought at the store. It is so easy to make, creates little to no waste and is so freaking cheap! When I run out, I can quickly make some more. Combine this with some baking soda and voila! You have a super clean bathroom. You can also get it on Amazon HERE.


What super cheap life hacks have you found?