5 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Ditching Coffee //

I did a thing. A crazy thing. You should know this about me-- I am a coffee LOVER. A caffeine fanatic, if you will. There's nothing better to me than a jolting cup of black coffee in the morning. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the quietness it brings to my morning as I brew and pour a steaming hot cup of mental alterness. 

But then I did a crazy thing. I broke up with coffee, with caffeine. I put my foot in my mouth, remembering every time I hashtagged #DeathBeforeDecaf.

And I learned a few things. 

What I Learned From A Month With No Caffeine // The Free & Wild Blog


I'm stronger than I thought I was // I have always been a #DeathBeforeDecaf kinda person. I swore by coffee. I literally tweeted one time "I don't trust people who drink decaf". I was a caffeinated a-hole when it came to my coffee. But when I started experiencing some interesting health issues, I read about people who can be allergic to caffeine. Since I'm seemingly allergic to everything that's delicious, I figured I probably am one of those people. Turns out, I don't think I am, but I continued cutting caffeine for the rest of the month because it became a challenge to see how strong I was to say NO every day to something my flesh craved. 

I have to tell you that knowing that I went a whole month without caffeine feels PRETTY DANG GOOD. I can't tell you the last time I did something that was this hard with as much perseverance as I did this with. I feel so empowered that I can do anything. 

What I Learned From A Month With No Caffeine // The Free & Wild Blog

I don't like being enslaved // It's crazy to me how long I lived with the NEED for caffeine. I've been drinking between 1 to 4 cups a day since I was in the 8th grade. That's almost a decade of needing a cup of coffee before I can be a human. When we were in Disney World, normally, I would have needed to stop at Starbucks before we got to the parks. But I was able to get up and go with no delay. It felt SO GOOD to just be able to be myself first thing in the morning! 

What I Learned From a Month With No Caffeine // The Free & Wild Blog

My body is talking to me // When I got rid of caffeine, I discovered that what I thought were caffeine headaches for so long...were actually cries of dehydration from my body. Wowza. All this time, I had been dehydrating my body MORE when really, all it wanted was a glass of water. Needless to say, my body is nice and hydrated and happy now! 

What I Learned From A Month With No Caffeine // The Free & Wild Blog

We're naturally energetic // I realized how amazing natural energy feels. I can't describe it, but I notice a definite difference between natural energy and caffeinated energy. Natural energy feels so much more pure and alive. I used to think I was a monster in the morning because that's just me-- but it turns out that I'm actually not too shabby when I first wake up now that I don't need caffeine to make a miracle outta me. I can feel my body get natural energy from healthy foods, a long walk, or a good night's sleep. And it's SO GOOD. 

It's amazing to challenge yourself // If you have never challenged yourself to cut out something for a month, I hereby challenge you to find something-- and I mean something that REALLY would be a challenge...I'm watching you....-- and cut it out. See if you can do it. Hold yourself accountable. Write down your goal and post it where you'll see it everyday. I promise you that you will grow into someone you love. You'll realize how bold and fierce you are. I have such a boosted self-confidence by getting through this month and I know you will too if you push yourself to grow. 

The Verdict // It was more challenging than I thought at first, but then it got super easy at the end. I didn't feel a huge change in health, but the natural energy I found was pretty incredible. I think I am going to stay 90% caffeine-free by sticking to decaf coffee, but perhaps sneaking in some green tea here and there. 

Are you a coffee drinker? Could you give up coffee for a month?