January 2017 Recap //

We made it, people! We made it through Month 1 of this already crazy year! This month was defined by REST, RELAXATION and GOALS. 

January Recap // The Free & Wild Blog

Loving // It's probably no surprise but I am SOAKING UP this downtime. This month off from adulting has been such a treat. I feel SO BLESSED, seriously, to have been given such a time to just rest, relax and take some time before jumping into a full time job.

Eating // dark chocolate ice cream-- we went a LITTLE (aka A LOT) off our healthy diet goals in Disney World (can you blame me?) We're going hard in February, but until then, I am loving this Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss "ice cream" in Dark Chocolate. P.S. It's non-dairy and organic! 

Drinking // since kicking caffeine, I am surprisingly loving decaf coffee. I didn't realize I used to swear #deathbeforedecaf...but now I'm realizing how many health benefits there are from drinking decaf! 

Watching // Brandon and I both look forward to bawling our eyes out every Tuesday when This Is Us is on. I just LOVE Jack! A totally secret guilty pleasure? The New Celebrity Apprentice...ugh. I love it! 

Going // to Disney World! We had SUCH a fun time! Literally the BEST vacation ever. 

Reading // I'm really proud of myself because I am currently reading a ton of different books! Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale, Caring for Creation by Mitch Hescox + Paul Douglas...and I've been reading my Bible every morning. 

Playing // we played a TON of games this month! Brandon and I got Jenga for Christmas, and that has become a staple in our household. We also had TWO game nights where we played Joking Hazard and Euchre. I hate playing games but both of them were surprisingly a blast! 

Celebrating // We celebrated our Date-iversary. On January 3rd, 2013, B asked me to be his girlfriend on a very cold, windy night after we ignored the "Closed after sunset" signs at a state park. We hiked in the dark to a gorgeous cliff and he asked me if I would make it officially. I had drug my feet for over 6 months and finally, I decided to commit. It's also where we had our first kiss.. I can't believe we've been boyfriend-girlfriend for four YEARS now. So crazy! I celebrated by sharing this hilarious picture on Instagram from four years ago on...WE LOOK SO DIFFERENT.  

Listening // Ed Sheeran's new songs are pretty great. Does anyone else think "Shape of You" sounds like a Sia song? SOME ONE BACK ME UP. 

Buying // When we were in Disney, there was just ONE thing I wanted-- a charm for my Disney charm bracelet. We searched high and low, in practically every gift shop, every single day for the perfect charm and I settled on two-- a gold Cinderella's castle (even though my bracelet is silver...I just needed it) and a Mickey Mouse ear hat. So cute! 

Planning // Our trip to Massanutten, Virginia. We're taking a ski trip in February and we're trying to decide what to do first-- indoor water park or snowboard?! 

Pinning // I've been loving these posts: 
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Writing // This month, I wrote about: 
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I also set up my very first reader survey (if you haven't filled it out yet, do so HERE). I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to fill it out and help me make this the best space possible! 

How was your January? What was the best thing you did this month?