Why I Avoid Plastic //

Lately, we've been opting for less plastic and more glass. We've been trying to only buy produce that doesn't come wrapped in plastic. We've even been visiting the bulk bins with Mason jars lately. But why? 

We watched the documentary Plastic Paradise last month and it completely opened our eyes to something we had never thought of before-- PLASTIC. It's everywhere. It's in EVERYTHING. 

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But why does it matter? 

Single-use plastic is literally destroying the planet. Plastic is full of chemicals that are harmful and cancerous to humans. They are filling up our landfills at alarming rates. It takes 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide to to produce plastic water bottles- per year. 

Only one-third of plastic bottles are recycled, which means two-thirds of all bottles ends up in landfills...or worse, our oceans. This kills our animals and amazing eco-systems and habitats in the oceans. Each year, 500 billion disposable bottle end up in our environment. That's A LOT. 

It takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water-- how does that make any sense? It's a waste of resources and the more steps we can take to being plastic water bottle free, the better. 

Most people believe that bottled water is safer than tap water. But the truth is that the government does not regulate the safety of bottled water. The chemical pollution standards are nearly identical. In fact, most public water utilities are required to disclose their testing results to the public-- but water bottle companies are not. So you're not sure what you're getting when it comes to bottled water anyways. 

So what's the best option?

Reusable glass bottles! My favorite are these cute, and funny, glass bottles from Faucet Face. Faucet Face is a company that makes reusable glass bottles, while bringing clean water to those who need it. 

The cap is BPA free, and it's glass, which doesn't leach any chemicals. The funny labels promote the use of tap water, and opens conversations about why you're drinking from glass instead of plastic. Plus, the bottles are reusable which means you're going to save a ton of money-- over $300 on average per year! 

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I also love Faucet Face because they are promoting clean water to those who need it. In India, many people drink and bathe in rivers contaminated with worms, bacteria and parasites. This causes more than 1,600 deaths per day. Faucet Face is bringing BioSand water filters to India to those who need it most. Don't you love a feel good story? 

I want everyone to have a cute water bottle that will help them reuse and reduce the amount of water bottles they use so this week, I am giving away 3 water bottles! To enter, all you have to do is follow Faucet Face on their social media and sign up for their email. By signing up for their email, you get a coupon mailed to you right away....it's kinda a win-win! (: