10 Forgotten Places To Declutter In Your Home RIGHT NOW

Spring cleaning? More like winter cleaning! This past week, we went crazy with decluttering and realized we have so many things that we don't use and are just taking up space in our home and our lives. 

Why continue to live with things you don't use or don't need? Why not try to make more space in your home to breathe, live, play and think? Why not donate to those in need or try to make some extra cash? 

10 Forgotten Places To Declutter In Your Home RIGHT NOW! // The Free & Wild Blog


We LOVE our mugs. But after Christmas, we reached a point where we literally don't have any more room for mugs on our coffee cart. We decided to go through and allow ourselves each to pick 5 mugs we really enjoy and want to keep. Everything else has to go. As we get new mugs, we will reassess then. Think about it: how many mugs do you REALLY need? 

BONUS TIP: Mugs tend to sell well on Ebay, especially if they are Starbucks mugs or vintage. 


We have a TON of glassware. Whether it's drinking cups, wine glasses, Mason jars, etc....we have TOO much of it. I think we always save them thinking "Well, if we ever have a party, we'll have enough..." We live in a one bedroom apartment, so it's hard to entertain here. We also don't need 20 wine glasses. We decided to keep a few drinking glasses, a few wine glasses, a few specialty drink glasses. 

BONUS TIP: Try selling on Craig's List to make a little extra cash. People who are moving may be looking for a set of glasses.


Oh boy. We're both guilty here. We went through our closets and combined, we had over 100 t-shirts. We're just 2 people though! We went through and asked ourselves: "When was the last time I wore this?" "Why am I keeping it?" We were able to donate the ones we hadn't worn in a while and didn't care about. Then, we were able to figure out why we were holding onto shirts that we didn't wear.

Most of time it's because it was sentimental and reminded us of a time in our lives. It led us to reminiscing and we realized that just because we donate a piece of fabric doesn't mean the memories of those times are gone. We have a much more manageable amount of shirts now! 

BONUS TIP: If you have a sports related shirts from Major League sports, Ebay is great for selling those! 


Go through your extra towels and sheets. We found towels that we have the texture of and never use. We found random pillowcases and flat sheets. We realized that we have one set of sheets that just aren't as good as our other ones. We donated all of these to our local thrift store. 

Junk Drawers 

We all have them. We went through ours and found old cell phone batteries, school supplies, post-it notes, and loose change. We were able to recycle our batteries, and use the forgotten school supplies. We added the loose change to our change jar, and we threw away the trash and donate the old phone cases and other things we never use. 

Office Supplies

If you're at all like me, you have a TON of office supplies (or maybe it's just a teacher thing). I have highlighters, pens, pencils and markers galore. I went through my office supplies and got rid of dried up markers, pens and glue sticks. I threw away random trash and was able to organize all my school supplies. I didn't wind up getting rid of anything else, because with all the supplies I have, I figure I should NEVER have to buy office supplies for the rest of my life! 


This is a big one for Brandon. He loves his DVDs, while I am not a movie person so I only have a few. However, we typically find ourselves watching Netflix or Hulu most often. And if we ever have a movie night, we typically go to Red Box. We went through our DVDs and were able to go from two huge drawers to a half of a drawer! 



We downsized our book collection when we moved into our apartment but sometimes, we still find our books not fitting all the way onto our bookshelf. Instead of getting a whole new bookshelf, we decided to donate books that we had duplicates of, or books that we knew we probably wouldn't read again. 

BONUS TIP: Try taking your books to a local book store that buys back books. We went to Ukazoo and we were able to sell a lot of our books! 


Inside AND out. First, we looked at all our magnets and realized that it looked and felt way too cluttered. We decided to get rid of some of our magnets because we have A TON. We took down old pictures, flyers, Save the Dates, etc. that had been hanging on our fridge for what seems like forever. 

Then, we ventured inside to toss anything with an expiration date. Any food that hadn't expired yet but we knew we weren't going to eat, we asked our neighbors and family if they would like it instead. Most of them gladly accepted our donations! This will help you be more reasonable next time you go grocery shopping. 


This is a big one for me. I always have so many random things in my wallet. I went through an took out all my receipts and tossed them. Then, I took out all my giftcards and called the number on the back to see how much was left on them. I tossed the ones that were empty and placed the ones that were filled in a basket near our door so that before I leave the house I can always grab a gift card I might need (simply because I'm a gift card hoarder and still have gift cards from years ago!) Then, I put all my extra change into our change jar, and got rid of random business cards. You'll feel so much lighter. 

What is one place you know you can declutter in your home this week? Tell me in the comments below!