11 Easy Meatless Meals You Can Make TODAY

Lately, I've had a few people tell me that they want to try to do Meatless Monday's (or cut back on meat in general). You know I'm all about that life for the health benefits, the lowered grocery bill and the love it gives to our sweet animals.

ere's a list of things that you can make for lunch or dinner that are totally meatless...and can easily be made dairy free if you'd like!

11 Easy Meatless Meals You Can Make Today! // The Free & Wild Blog

Lentil Tacos 

Quick, cheap, easy-- check out the recipe HERE

Veggie Sandwich

This may seem strange to you, but trust me-- it's so tasty! Pile as many veggies as you want onto toasted bread and top with your favorite condiment. It's low-fat and tasty, so help yourself to two! 


Oatmeal is good any time of day or night...I love to make mine with water and top with berries! 

Potato Bowl 

This is my favorite dinner, by far! It's SO good, so filling and so easy to make! I chop up some potatoes, make some grains (rice, quinoa, noodles, etc.) and make some veggies. I throw it all in a bowl and top with my favorite sauces. 

Grilled Cheese

This is such an easy go to dinner. I love using my favorite non-dairy cheese, Chao. And yes, I dip my grilled cheese in mayo. I always have. I love using Hellmann's new vegan mayo-- you can't tell the difference! 

Salad in a Jar 

Salad is such an easy dinner. I like to put mine in a mason jar, and add lots of grains and veggies! 

Creamy Garlic Pasta 

I love Minimalist Baker's recipe, which you can find HERE! Bonus: It's dairy-free and oh so easy!


Who doesn't love pizza? Leave off the pepperoni and you've got yourself a meatless meal. I prefer using non-dairy cheese though, which you can find at most grocery stores! 

Baked Macaroni

This is another one of my favorite dinners. Check out the recipe HERE


Smoothies are a fantastic meal. I love how they make me feel when I'm finished drinking it because I know I just got a ton of nutrients! 

Stir Fry

Rice, delicious veggies, soy sauce...you won't even miss the meat, TRUST ME.

What recipe are you most excited to try? Let me know how your Meatless Monday's are going!