DIY Easy Recycled Journal

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Guys, I am in the full swing of things. The kids have been back to school for 6 weeks now, which means I've been busy planning lessons, grading papers, handling recess duty, and just being awesome at educating young minds (if I may say so myself ;) 

I love teaching, but it can be exhausting, overwhelming and many days, I just don't want to do it. I drag myself through my day, complaining that I have to stay late after school or that my lesson totally bombed. I get wrapped up in the little stuff that I allow the stress to distract me from how big I'm blessed. 

There are girls around the world, but specifically, in Ethiopia that don't go to school because they don't even have clean drinking water. Can you imagine? There are women and children in Ethiopia that have to walk miles and miles to fetch water that isn't even clean or safe to drink. They wind up lugging around 40 pounds for miles just to bring dirty water back to their home. 

That's why I love that Emergen-C is pairing up with Charity Water to help bring clean water to communities in Ethiopia. They're calling it the #40Pound Challenge.

You can help by simply uploading a picture of you holding something that weighs 40 pounds to Instagram. Emergen-C will then donate $5 to charity water to help fund projects that bring clean, accessible water to communities in Ethiopia. Please use the hashtag #40Pounds and tag @emergenc for your entry to count.

$5 is A LOT and could help so many people who truly need it. You're going to be on Instagram anyways... why not post a #40Pounds Challenge pic? Make sure you tag @emergenc so they can see all your beautiful faces! 


While you're at it, make sure you head to Walmart to pick up some Emergen-C in the following flavors: Super Orange (30 count), Raspberry (30 count) and Tangerine (30 count). I'm sipping some right now as I type this, because back-to-school season has me wanting to feel my best and support my immune system! You can find them in the vitamin aisle or online!


To get ready to head back to school, I love to have cute school supplies! I find that when my school supplies are unique and cute, I am more motivated! I love making my own journals because it's easy to make, will allow you to stand out in the crowd and is made from recycled materials! Plus, this makes a great gift! I make Brandon journals all the time and he LOVES them! 

You'll need: 

  • thrifted material /// I'm using faux leather from a skirt I found at Goodwill 
  • an ugly journal /// I found this cheap neon green journal for a few bucks 
  • rubber cement or wood glue 
  • decorative paper /// I'm using decorated cork! 
  • scissors 

Here's what you do: 

1. Lay your open notebook on top of the material.  (I had to cut my skirt in half!)

2. Cut the material as close to the edge as you. Don't worry if it's a little jagged or messy. Just do your best to get it as close as possible! 

3. Time to get out your rubber cement! Close your notebook and cover the notebook with rubber cement. 

4. Press the glued side of the journal down onto the material. Hold and put as much pressure as you possibly can on it for about 30 seconds to a minute. 

5. Now, glue the spine of the book onto the material. 

6. Repeat on the other side! 

7. Pull the material taut over the journal. 

8. Put pressure on the notebook. 

9. Place glue around the edges, so we can pull the edges on the material onto the notebook. 

10. Glue the corners down first. Hold tightly for 1 minute. This is very important! 

11. Make a slight slit in the material where the front flap of the notebook meets the spine. 

12. Glue the edge of the material down onto the front flap of the notebook. 

13. Repeat for the other corners of the notebook until all the edges of the material and completely attached onto the notebook. 

14. Measure out the paper you want to use as your end pages. 

15. Glue the end pages down onto the inside of your notebook. 

And there you go! Now, you have an awesome new book! 

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY recycled journal and don't forget to make a post using the #40pounds hashtag on Instagram! 

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