I Met People on the Internet and I Didn't Get Murdered

One year ago yesterday, I sat anxiously in an empty restaurant, shaking my leg, biting my nails and refreshing Instagram every 2 seconds. I arrived first and I HATE arriving first. But it was awkward and I didn't want to walk in and not be able to recognize them from the picture I had seen of them online... 

You see, I was meeting strangers from the Internet and I didn't exactly know the etiquette. 

I started blogging on a whim, something I thought I might try to help with anxiety, a hobby of sorts. So when I started finding myself spending more and more time writing and creating and promoting and loving it, I knew I was hooked.

One day, I stumbled upon Macy's blog, To Travel and Beyond. I recognized her face and I saw she was from Baltimore. I knew that I knew her from somewhere. I eventually realized that we had gone to high school together and were even in the same Culinary program at school. I sent her a message and we quickly reconnected through the blogging world. 

Then, I got an email that Macy had included me in.

Macy and 2 other Baltimore bloggers were planning on meeting up soon. And I got an invite.

I felt totally flattered and as I checked out the blogs of the other two ladies, I realized...I was way out of my league with these ladies. 

They were gorgeous. Cool. Stylish. Witty. Fiercely intelligent.

Macy is an established blogger and amazing wedding planner so she has her life more together than I could ever DREAM of. 

Megan is an event manager for the Inner Harbor Waterfront...so I quickly realized she basically runs the city of Baltimore.

Laura works at Johns Hopkins so she's basically a million IQ points smarter than I'll ever be.

When I say that these girls seemed too cool for school....it's because they ARE. 

So there I was, sitting in a quiet restaurant, waiting for these strangers to begin to arrive. I wore my favorite cheetah print dress to both take a risk and pretty much assume that no one else in the restaurant would be wearing cheetah print and if nothing else,  I could find my place in the group as the "girl who makes risky fashion choices" at the very least. 

Megan from Soup of the Day, walked in and I immediately noticed two things. She is SO much shorter in person (and it's adorable... like a mouse) and she has the most beaming smile. You see her smile and you smile. You can't help it. Megan is the kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeves in the most gracious of ways. She is wildly compassionate and tender-hearted. Megan makes you feel loved. 

Macy was next to arrive. When she walked in, I immediately remember seeing her in the hallways in high school. She was just as put together as her blog would make her seem. From meeting Macy the first time, you know two things are true. She is a total boss lady. And she's a darn good time. She is loud and pokes fun at you in the most hilarious way...even if she just met you, and you can't help but feel like you just got invited to be apart of the cool kids club. She remembered the tiniest of details from a blog post I had written months ago...to the point where she mentioned something I said in a post once and I wondered, "How did she know that?!" Macy makes you feel special. 

Check out the styled shoot Macy did HERE (where Megan + I got to play dress up!) 

Then, Laura from Life We Imagined walked in. Laura was immediately warm and the second she sat down, I know our group was complete. Laura is quiet and wise. She exudes this fierce strength, just by being in the room. She's the brains of this group...no doubt. You talk to Laura and you know for a fact that she is listening to no one but you, that she thinks what you're saying is top-priority. Laura is open-hearted and open-minded. She is willing to be transparent which is brave and something so refreshing in a world of Instagram filters and highlight reels. I'm not sure Laura has a judgmental bone in her body. Laura makes you feel important. 

Guys, these are the people that fell into my lap. We met on a blind date after Macy was gracious enough to include me on an e-mail thread. I hit the jackpot with them. It's been one year since that blind date but it feels like it's been 15 years. We've supported each other in their careers and goals. We've traveled together. We've gone to baseball games, happy hour, and wine tastings. We've been locked in a room together. We've gone on plenty of quadruple dates with our men, who just all so happen to love each other as well. These ladies have been there for me in the scariest of seasons, as well as the most joyous. 

Happy Friendsiversay, Blogger Babes! May our pageviews increase, the happy hours be plenty and the doors to our Escape Room never be too hard to unlock!