Why Detroit Should Be On Your Travel List

You guys are probably tired of me raving of our visit to Detroit. It was such a lovely, unexpected experience that I truly think that everyone should take a trip to Detroit and watch it come to life again. Here's my reasons why it should be the next place you visit! 

The views are breathtaking.

Being from the East Coast and having done most of my traveling up and down the coast, my knowledge of anything that doesn't touch the Atlantic Ocean is limited. So, I had no idea how close Detroit was to Canada. Like you could swim there. Not kidding. The River Walk took my breath away. Detroit is so gosh darn beautiful.

You'll never be bored.

Detroit is the size of all 5 boroughs in New York City. Let that sink it. With no where near the amount of people, you can easily get from one part of Detroit to another. With all that space, there is SO MUCH to do here. There is something for everyone from extensive amounts of theaters, four sports teams, breweries, casinos, nature...what more could you want?

Breathe life into the city again.

Yes, this place still looks a bit like a ghost town. But it is coming back, and it's coming back HARD. It's amazing seeing things come to life in this city, and you're going to want to be a part of it. Each dollar you pay is helping the city rebuild. Now that's something I'll spend my money on.

The people mover is awesome.

I just had to throw this one in their. Instead of having a subway, their public transportation is a monorail that goes through the city, much like in Seattle or Disney World, but better. It takes you where you need to go and there are stops all over the city. Must try.


You're going to want their spirit.

You'll see t-shirts and bumper stickers all over town saying, "Detroit vs. Everybody" or "Say Nice Things About Detroit" and it just shows what fighters they have in their city. People trash talk this city ALL THE TIME, calling it the worst city in America. But the locals don't care. They will stand up for their home and find the beauty in it. And that's a wonderful thing.