How To Have The Most Productive Semester EVER!

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Guys, I am about to embark on my last semester as a college student. It is SO bittersweet. I love everything about being a college student, but at the same time, I'm ready to trade in the gluten-free ramen for a paycheck. In honor of my last beginning of a semester ever, I wanted to share some of my tips on how to have the most productive semester ever!

Make a semester master schedule.

At the beginning of the semester when you get your syllabus from your professors, I like to sit down with all of my syllabi and create a master schedule. By writing down EVERYTHING I have to get this semester in the same place, I am able to have a paper that gives me a glance at what my semester will look like. This helps me see where my busiest weeks will be, that way I can know far in advance to not plan too much for those weeks. I have this to be so helpful and really motivates me to get a head start on things!

Use anti-distraction apps.

Social media can be a great tool while you're in college. However, it can also be a HUGE distraction. My freshmen year, I exchanged Facebook passwords with a friend so we could go in and change each others' passwords. When our exams were over, we would tell each other what we had changed their password to. This was an easy way to get accountability for staying off distracting social media sites. You could do this, or use an app like Freedom, which will keep you from logging on to social media and getting distracted.

Wipe your desk down with essential oils.

I am a HUGE fan of essential oils and truly believe they work wonders! Before I sit down to study, I like to wipe my desk down with some refreshing oils! I just take an old washcloth and wet it with some water. Then, I add a few drops of my favorite essential oil. I wipe down my desk and I love the way it makes my whole work area smell clean!

Have the right technology.

You got to have the right gear to help you be productive. I recently switched from my Macbook to a HP Envy x360 Convertible and I am loving it! It's the perfect laptop for a college student and I love how versatile it is-- the screen moves so you have four different positions to use it. I use it as a regular notebook for work, a stand when I'm watching Netflix, a tent to play games on and a tablet for on the go. (P.S. I love having a touch screen!)

The thing that impressed me the most while switching from a MacBook to the HP Envy x360 Convertible was how beautiful the display was. It's absolutely perfect for watching online lectures...and the sound? The audio by Bang & Olufsen means I watch more Netflix on my laptop now than I do my own TV. Plus, the battery lasts so much longer than my MacBook so I can take it from class to home without needing to lug around my charger.

This laptop is all-new at Walmart and in my opinion, completely affordable for college students. I have been so happy with switching to the HP Envy x360 Convertible! Thanks for helping me have the most productive semester ever, HP!

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