Detroit, Michigan || Trumbull & Porter

Trumbull and Porter is a hotel that I can't rave enough about. We were skeptical with how inexpensive the prices were and never having been to Detroit before...but oh, how pleasantly surprised we were!

Trumbull & Porter is located in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood. It's rebuilding into a hipster haven, with bars and breweries all over the place. Never having been to Detroit, we were worried about the safety of our car and belongings, but we literally had no issues and I never felt unsafe for one minute.

From the second we walked in, I fell in love with this place. Maybe it was Suzette, a friendly face behind the counter, welcoming us in and telling us about how much she loves her native city. Maybe it was the minimalist décor that won me over. Maybe it was the small gift shop with hand made goods or the fresh lemon water. Maybe it was the comfiest robe and slippers waiting for me in the room. It could be any of those things but Trumbull & Porter was the best. One of my favorite places I've ever stayed. We could not have been more pleased with our time here!

If you're ever in Detroit, make sure you check Trumbull & Porter as your home away from home!