Dear August,

What a whirlwind! I surprisingly felt like this was a pretty slow month, even though I was constantly busy. I was so busy that I decided to take a break from making monthly videos. So here's a recap: 

What I did: 

My friend Kate got married// It was such a blessing to watch two of my dear friends from high school get married! Their wedding was lovely and it was a blast! 

My friend Bianca and I were bridesmaids! 

My friend Bianca and I were bridesmaids! 

I got my ring back! // Some of you might know that I have tiny mouse fingers and my engagement ring has basically never fit me. Brandon went ring shopping alone and when he saw my ring, he knew that was the one. It was a size 7 and I am a size 4. They couldn't resize it before he wanted to propose, so my ring was huge when I first got it. There's beautiful detailing on the side so the ring shop told us that it could only be resized to a 5 and then they put a ring guard in it, but it was uncomfortable and still didn't fit correctly. Last month, my ring slipped off in the grocery store and I knew it was time to actually figure out this ring situation. We went to Kay's and they were WONDERFUL. They had my ring for a month and it came back once and didn't fit. It came back a second time and it was perfect. I am so thankful to have this gorgeous ring back! 

MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE // We are plunging head first into our minimalism journey and basically selling everything we haven't used in a year and no longer serves us. We've been on our Ebay game and have already made over $150 just selling random things like magnets, t-shirts, and DVDs. 

I got CHACOS! // I have wanted Chacos literally FOREVER and I finally got a pair because Chacos is awesome. I'm breaking them in before writing a review post on them and I am IN LOVE. 

Cooking up a STORM// I hate cooking, I think we pretty much all know that. But lately, I've been really inspired for some reason to try different recipes. I made gluten-free vegan fish sticks, inspired by THIS recipe. I made gluten-free vegan grilled cheese which OMG YASSSS. I made lemon asparagus pasta, which is my new fave, inspired by THIS recipe. Brandon cooked up some tofu ricotta lasagna which was bomb, inspired by THIS recipe. 

I went back to school // Probably the biggest thing that's happening in my life is that I am student teaching full time at a school 45 minutes away from my house, which means I have no time ever to do anything. Weekends feel way too short, especially when they're packed full of running errands and cramming all of my social time into it. I'm teaching first grade and I love my mentor teacher, my students and my school. But if I'm being honest, I haven't really found the rhythm I'm looking for when it comes to getting back into a schedule and trying to take care of myself amidst the stress. I'm trying to make time for eating healthy meals, doing yoga, going to bed on time, reading, and having time with Brandon at the end of the day, but I feel like all I have time for is homework and crashing in my bed at 8:00 PM. Anyone have any tips on being an adult and taking care of yourself? PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY. Also, 70 more school days until I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE AND EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT GRADUATING I TEAR UP. I can't wait. College is NOT something that came easy for me. I failed classes, I transferred schools, I switched majors, I took summer classes and busted my butt to get to this place and I just can't believe that 5 years of hard work is paying off. I literally can't believe it. 

We spontaneously went to D.C. for a date night // We truly have a knack for randomly visiting cities (like the time we randomly went to Boston for the day) The other week, Brandon called me during lunch and said, "I have a crazy idea..." Our favorite stand-up comedian was in D.C. and the tickets were only $25. We had been doing really well with our budget, and I had gotten through my first week of school. So we decided to hop in the car right after work and head to our favorite restaurant, b. They literally have the most amazing menu and I can pretty much get whatever I want gluten-free. After that, we headed to the Drafthouse Comedy Theater to see Nate Bargatze, who we discovered on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. We literally LOVE this guy and listen to him on Spotify all the time. We totally fan girled as we waited for him to come on stage, because we've talked about seeing him for forever! It was so funny and I laughed the ENTIRE time. After we walked out, I needed a water bottle because my throat was so dry from laughing! 

What I liked: 

  • Nate Bargatze: Like I said, I've been listening to a lot of him lately. Look him up on Spotify! 
  • Hot for Food Blog: I've been trying a ton of their recipes lately and they have all been delicious. You NEED to check them out! 
  • You Need a Budget: This app has totally been saving us with our budget lately. I am loving it! 
  • Ebay: The Ebay app is fantastic and so much easier than using Ebay on the desktop! 
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: What a hilarious show! I watched all of Season 2 and I am loving it! 
  • Warmth and Whimsy: Katie has some awesome ways to start living more naturally and save money, which are two things I am starting to focus my writing on! 
  • Chacos: Like I said before, I am loving my Chacos. They are the perfect shoe to hike in or wear casually. I love them! 

How was your August?