Dates That Can Make You a Little Money //

It's almost Valentine's Day...eek! I'm so excited. This Valentine's Day, we're doing something a little bigger than our normal dates. Here are 7 dates that we've found are such a great way to bond with your SO while making a little extra cash! 

7 Dates That Can Actually Make You Money // The Free & Wild Blog

Book Store Date // Go through all your old books on your book shelf and decide which books you would like to keep, which you would like to give to someone else and which you would like to sell. Take your gently used books to a buy back book store that will buy back your books. As they check in your books, walk around the store and share some of your favorite books with each other. Sometimes, there's even free coffee and tea there! 

Scavenger Hunt Date // Swagbucks is a great app that allows you to get points for simply walking into a store. You get even more points for scanning items into the app. Turn this activity into a scavenger hunt by going to Walmart or another store on the app. Give yourselves a time limit and see who can scan the most products in that time period! Meet back up and loser buys ice cream! 

eBay Date// Pour a glass of wine for you both and then go through your home and look for things you own but don't ever use. If you think it's something that someone else might interested in, put it on the list for eBay pile. This can often turn into a huge laughing fest as you find some really kooky stuff in your house that you aren't sure why you have it. When Brandon and I did this, we found my rock collection from when I was a kid, photos of Brandon in high school, CDs from the 90s, and decorations from our wedding -- it led to a trip down memory lane and a huge laugh fest.

Fashion Show Date// Pull all of those old clothes out of the closet and go through everything! You never know what you have hiding at the back of your closet. Sort into keep, donate and try to sell. Have a fashion show for each other and crack up as you see some of the REALLY crazy things you both have in your closet. Be sure to have a soundtrack to walk the runway to! 

Babysitting Date// I know, I know. This sounds awful. But this is for my friends who don't have kids yet. Find someone who will pay you to babysit their children. Before babysitting, decide that you are both going to be present with the kids and have fun with them, instead of just surviving. As you are babysitting, see how your significant other interacts with kids. It'll probably be super adorable. Talk about some fun things from you were kids. Talk about what you want to name your kids someday! 

Must Love Dogs Date // Ask around or look on Criagslist (yes, I know it sounds creepy) for someone that needs a dog walker. Walk some dogs together after work to make a little extra cash. Talk about your childhood pets and favorite animals! 

Movie Date // Go through your DVD collection and pick out the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to sell. Most importantly, find those movies that you want to watch just one more time before listing on Ebay. Then, watch those movies! Some movies we found? Spice World, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Mamma Mia!, and She's the Man. All movies we don't watch often but all movies that deserve one last good watching (; 

Would you be willing to try any of these dates that can make you some extra cash?