Why I'm Choosing Minimalism

MInimalism is a trend that is taking over millennials. Opting for less things so they can make more room for what matters, millennials are cleaning out their closets for a capsule wardrobe, buying less stuff and moving into tiny houses.

It seems like every blogger I know is choosing minimalism. So why am I choosing it? I've always hated going with the crowd. I've never read Harry Potter. I refuse to use SnapChat. I don't even  have a Facebook. I've never seen The Bachelorette, people! 

I'm choosing minimalism because it's something I whole-heartedly believe in, and think everyone should try.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism doesn't just mean having less things. It's a mindset that gets rid of the clutter- whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

It means having less so you can have more.

When you have less clothes, you spend less time doing laundry or picking out an outfit- so you have more time to do the things you love.

When you minimize your carbon footprint, you use less so you can have more of a healthy future for our planet and your future grandchildren.

When you minimize your schedule, you do less so you can have more time to focus and be truly present.

When you spend less money, you have more money to pay down debt, save or give away in order to give you more peace. Do you see what I'm saying here?

What does it look like?

Minimalism looks different for everyone. For some people, it looks like living in a tiny house or a van.

For others (like me), it just looks like decluttering your home, getting rid of things you don't use or doesn't serve you any purpose. It means getting rid of clothes that still have tags on them, clothes I promise I'll wear again but never do, clothes that don't make me feel good about myself.

It means saying "no" to new commitments in order to make sure that my schedule doesn't become overcrowded. It means buying less groceries and only going shopping once I run out of food, instead of hoarding food in my pantry.

It means spending less money on frivolous things like drinks, clothes and dates, in order to pay down debt and save for the future. It means creating a schedule to reduce the amount of time I waste in a day.  

As I try to pursue this new lifestyle, I hope to share some of this journey with you. It's something I've always wanted to focus on for years now, but I feel like I'm just now getting serious about it. So stick around as I embark on this new lifestyle journey!

What are your thoughts on minimalism?