27 Things You Don't Know About My Husband

1. He's a better cook than I am. He also enjoys cooking WAY more than I do. 

2. He got his first tattoo on a whim. 

3. He used to live at a camp because he was an overnight camp counselor. 

4. His favorite place in the entire world is New York City. 

5. He used to be a photographer. 

6. He has a black belt in karate. 

7. He loves collections. He collected Starbucks mugs, baseball hats, quarters, Sports Illustrated magazines, baseball cards....until we moved into a one bedroom apartment. 

8. He had his first vegetable + salad at the age of 25. When I forced him. Long story. 

9. He's Greek but couldn't tell you anything about being Greek. 

10. He doesn't own a computer. 

11. He can function on literally 4 hours of sleep every night. 

12. He drinks his coffee black. 

13. He went skydiving with my best friend. 

14. His happy place is hiking. 

15. He will literally drop anything he is doing to help anyone is an immediate need. Literally anyone. 

16. He buys comics every. single. Wednesday. 

17. A year before we officially met, we realized that we both were at the same weekend retreat for Young Life and were probably in the same room most of the weekend! 

18. He has 8 different jobs in one year.

19. He used to be a construction worker. 

20. He has a knack for meeting famous people in bars. 

21. He actually comes up with most of my blog post ideas. 

22. He is the biggest San Francisco Giants baseball fan. Ever. 

23. He can start a conversation with anyone about anything. 

24. He hates soup. 

25. He grew up in Delaware, but always knew he wanted to move. 

26. He's growing a man bun. (Okay, maybe some of you already knew that one...) 

27. Today is his 27th birthday! Happy birthday, Brandon! <3