How We Saved (A TON) of Money On Our Wedding //

Minimalism is about making more room for the things that matter. When we were engaged, it was important for us to sit down and think about what really mattered to us. Brandon and I decided that we wanted a smaller wedding that would give us more money to take an awesome honeymoon. We wanted our wedding to represent ourselves with rustic, natural, outdoorsy feels and we knew we didn't want to skimp on photographs or food. We wanted our day to be relaxed, memorable and fun. More than anything, we wanted no anxiety. 

By defining what we wanted our wedding day to be like, we were able to create a vision and decide what we wanted to make room for that was really important to us. Here's some ways we minimized our wedding day to make room for what mattered. 

We skipped an engagement party // This was something that wasn't important to us. I don't enjoy parties for myself and it just added one more thing on the to-do list for us. It felt more like an obligation than anything and we decided that we didn't want families spending money on an obligation like that. That's just our personal feeling on it! 

I bought a second hand dress // If you know me, you know that I love buying secondhand. It takes 700 gallons of water to make one piece of clothing and you can bet that it's even more for a wedding dress. I didn't see the value in spending hundreds- or thousands- of dollars on a dress I would wear for one day. I bought my dress from and fell in love with it. It fit me like a glove and I have ZERO regrets from buying my dress online or secondhand. Read all about that HERE. 

I went barefoot // I went completely barefoot on my wedding day. I hate wearing shoes anyways and I wanted our wedding day to be the most rustic, purest, loveliest day ever. I couldn't imagine anything more lovely than walking down our grassy aisle barefoot, feeling every soft blade of grass as I walked toward Brandon under the trees. Why waste money on something that I don't enjoy anyways?  

We skipped traditions // This was something that just didn't matter to us. It added an extra thing on the to-do list and we looked at ourselves and asked, "Why?" Why are we worrying about a something old, something borrowed, something blue? Why does it matter? To us, it didn't. So we skipped it. 

We had a small guest list // Large groups of people give me anxiety, so we decided on having a smaller guest list. We were really intentional about who we invited. We considered who had been supportive of our relationship, who had been there for us, who we wanted to look back at photos and see at our wedding. If we didn't mind if distant cousins weren't there, we didn't invite them. Just personal opinion but it saved us a TON of money. 

We had a dry wedding // For personal reasons, we decided to have a dry wedding but it also wound up saving us a ton of money. We only invited our closest family and friends, and since they love us, they didn't mind coming to dry wedding. We served Coca-Cola in glass bottles instead and it was a hit! 

We had a program board // When you're planning a wedding, every one freaks out about the tiniest details like what color your programs are going to be. We really didn't care about programs but wanted people to know who was in the wedding and what was going on, so we had a giant program board on an easel when guests first walked in. It cost under $10 to make and saved us hundreds. 

We had small bridal parties // We kept it limited to who was in our bridal party, which meant it wasn't chaotic and it kept costs down. 

Part I-0289.jpg

We had a buffet instead of individual plates // Buffets are awesome. We really wanted everyone to enjoy the BBQ style food so we decided to let everyone make their own plates instead of individual ones. 

We had a unique venue // We thought outside of the box and got married at a small summer camp near our house. We were only the second wedding they ever hosted and while it took a little bit more work, things were great. It was definitely a less expensive option and gave us the rustic, outdoorsy feel we wanted. 

We had a small registry // There are going to be a lot of people who tell you that you need to register for this and that, but we knew that we didn't need good china dishes or hand towels. We kept it practical and registered for things we knew we needed. Plus, once our registry was all bought, people gave us gift cards and money instead so we could buy anything we realized we needed later. 

We had our ceremony and reception in the same place // This cut down on transportation costs and made it easier for all our guests. It was just an easier way to arrange things and cut down on the stress of everything BIG time. 

WIth the help of family and friends, we had DIY decorations // This one was huge. It saved us a ton of money and looked great! 

How did you save money while you were planning your wedding? If you haven't planned a wedding yet, what idea do you love for your future wedding?