Annapolis, Maryland // The Time We Got Fake Married

My friend, Macy, owns an incredible wedding and event planning business called Enchanting Events & Design.

When Macy asked Brandon and myself to be models for her styled shoot last December, I was BEYOND excited but also like, "Wait. Really? Why?" cause we're really bad at being models. I feel super awkward in front of a camera and when we were taking photos for our ACTUAL wedding, we couldn't stop cracking up because trying to be serious and romantic with a camera in your face is super awkward.

But I agreed because I ADORE PLAYING DRESS UP. So FYI to anyone who ever needs someone to come try on their beautiful dresses and jewelry and get their hair done, I volunteer as tribute for the rest of my days.

I know Brandon likes playing dress up too sometimes (; But don't tell him that I told you that. It's so weird to see photos of Brandon with short hair. This was clearly before Team Man Bun began.

So we got up at the crack of dawn and drove down to Annapolis, which is is absolutely stunning. It was the beginning of December so everything was all decorated for Christmas, which made it feel so magical.

I was SO excited that Megan was there because she's just fantastic, you guys. She has such a sweet heart. If you tell her something sad, her eyes well up with tears and you know she's WITH YOU in the pain. If you tell her something happy, she gets this huge smile that makes you feel so loved and cared for. She's the kinda person where you know she's with ya in whatever you're going through. She goes after life with gusto and passion, and she inspires me every single time I spend time with her. Plus, she's super adorable. We made the job of our amazing photographer, Mandi (what's up with all the M names, you guys?) so difficult because we could NOT stop cracking up every time we had to look at each other. (So I guess I'm not just awkward with Brandon. I guess it's everyone. Oops.)

Seeing Macy in her element was amazing. When she's at work, she's flawless, people. Literally flawless. She is such a total lady boss that it inspires the crap outta me. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it done. She's so confident and she makes EVERYTHING a celebration. Her passion for working behind the scenes is just a testament to heart that is centered around other people. It's evident that Macy just wants to make other people the star of the show. It's clear even just being her friend-- like when she plans days that are full of fun for us or remembering every little detail that you mentioned 5,000 conversations ago. It's SO clear that she is SO gifted in making other people feel special. Macy is the definition of fun.

Her vision for the day was incredible. I wish I had met her before I got married so she could have planned our wedding. Even just doing a styled shoot gave me a taste of how fun and effortless she makes any event. I'm trying to convince her to be my life coach. I'm not sure her business has branched out that way yet, though (;

This was also where I met Mandi, our photographer. Immediately, she was so sweet and made being in front of the camera SO EASY. She told us exactly what to do and made posing fun, instead of awkward and stressful. She was so easy to talk to, and we realized that we actually grew up down the street from each other and my aunt was her 3rd grade teacher. Small world, right?! We loved her so much that we knew we had to have her do our anniversary shoot.

I loved all the little details from the day. From the invitations to the jewelry to everything in between, the details are what made this styled shoot so incredible. Our fake names for the day were Madison and Nathan. I think we made a really great Madison and Nathan, don't you? :P

It was such a blast to just play dress up all day. I got to try on a completely different dress, which HAD POCKETS, Y'ALL. It was so much fun! I also got to wear a veil, which is something I wish I would have done in my own wedding, so it was magical to wear a veil for the first time.

So happy that the moment I realized I had pockets was captured!

So happy that the moment I realized I had pockets was captured!

It was the middle of December so it was absolutely freezing outside. But that didn't stop up from lugging a gorgeous sofa to the water for photos. Now I totally understand when models say that modeling is hard work. It is. Now where's my personal assistant to fan me as I lounge dramatically? (;

I absolutely cherish this day. It was such a unique opportunity to hang out with friends, support them in following their dream, get awesome photos and play dress up. It was basically a win-win for all involved.

So why I recapping all this now, if we did all of this in December? 1. I am a total procrastinator. Sorry, world. and 2. We just found out really exciting news.... 

This photo shoot is going to be featured in Southern Celebrations Magazine! I AM SO EXCITED. Guys, it is so exciting to see a dear friend work SO HARD and love her job so much, and to see her get amazing results is priceless. When we got the news, we did such a happy dance for Macy and Mandi because they are SO GOOD AT THEIR JOBS and it is a DELIGHT to see them get recognition they 100% deserve. UGH. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

It comes out in November and you can pre-order a copy in September! It'll also be on their website for some further inspiration! EEK! SO EXCITED!