48 Hours in Berkeley Springs

I've already told you 5 Reasons everyone needs to visit Berkeley Springs, but now I'm making it super easy on you! I already planned it all out for you, all you need to do now is GO! Here's what to do with 48 hours in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia!

Where To Stay ||

You're going to want to stay at The Country Inn for the duration of your stay at Berkeley Springs. Central to everything, free parking and right next door to the state park! Plus, it has the most adorable country feel, a gorgeous garden area, a gift shop, a bar, a restaurant, a spa and the nicest staff.


10:00 AM: Head to Cacapon (Cuh-KAY-Pin) State Park where you're going to find EVERYTHING nature related you could ever want to do. First up, you're on an hour and a half horseback riding tour through the mountains. If for some reason horseback riding isn't your thing, use this time to go on an awesome hike using any of the amazing trails here.

11:30 AM: Enjoy a picnic lunch at any of the rest areas and soak up the gorgeous weather!

12:00 PM: Time to head to the beach! Spend the next few hours swimming in the water, renting a kayak, canoe or paddle boat. $5 gets you into the beach, and it's the perfect place to soak up the sun!

3:00 PM: Head back to The Country Inn. Take a shower, take a nap, rest, relax, get changed, wander around the state park, wander around the town, hang out in the gardens. Relax...that's why you got away to the mountains, anyways!

6:00 PM: Head up to Prospect Peak, located above the town of Berkeley Springs. It is the most beautiful overlook and you can check out 3 states at the same time- Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania!

6:30 PM: Head to Panorama at the Peak, a restaurant located on Prospect Peak, with the most amazing views and food. ALL of the food is from local farmers- something I so deeply believe in. At 6:30 on Saturday nights, there's the Farmer's Table Dinner, where the farmers actually come to the restaurant and talk about the food they've brought. You are served a 5 course dinner for $50 (reservations ARE required!). You sit at a long table in the middle of the restaurant and it's a true community feel. You can't walk away without a new friend!

9:00 PM: After dinner, head to Berkeley Springs Brewing Company for some of the best brews in town, and some of the most personable bar tenders around. Enjoy live music and a tater waffle. YUM.


9:00 AM: Begin your day at Fairfax Coffee House. You'll find delicious gluten-free options and amazing coffee. I recommend the Caramel Latte with almond milk!

10:00 AM: Walk over the Farmer's Market, where you'll find delicious, fresh goodies. And a ton of friendly people! Bring cash!

11:30 AM: Now it's time to get started on what we all came here to see-- the famous springs! Since you're smart and already called ahead and make reservations, you should be able to walk right in at your appointment time and hop into an amazing Roman Bath! This 30 minute bath is a private room that is filled with 102 degree spring water. It is absolutely incredible and SO MUCH FUN!

Do you love my amazing shorts tan?! HAHAHA.

Do you love my amazing shorts tan?! HAHAHA.

12:30 PM: Walk across the park and grab a 30 minute massage in their spa. If a massage isn't your thing, you can hop in a jacuzzi, sauna or shower, all using spring water!

1:00 PM: Head to Tari's for lunch, where you'll find some of the best dang food in Berkeley Springs.

2:30 PM: Wander around the state park. Make sure you bring a water bottle and fill it up with some free natural spring water at the pumps. Dip your toes in the springs and watch the little tadpoles play in the water. Make sure you get a picture of George Washington's bath tub!

As A Souvenir

You're definitely going to want to stop in The Country Inn's gift shop and pick up some homemade moonshine jelly.