How To Road Trip From Texas to California

Before we graduated summer, my best friends and I wanted to do something big. So we planned a trip from Texas to California. And it was epic. Here's how we did it:

San Antonio ||

Begin your road trip in San Antonio. (We flew from Baltimore and then rented a car). Grab lunch at The Cove for some of the freshest and most local food around.

Mosey on over to The Alamo. It's free to get in and you'll learn about some of America's history, while exploring a national landmark. Check out the video of our time HERE!

When you're finished there, walk on over to the River Walk and take a boat tour. Then, have dinner on the banks of the river at some of the incredible restaurants located on the River Walk!

San Antonio to Austin to Dallas ||

8:00 AM: Leave San Antonio

9:30 AM: Arrive in Austin, Texas! While you're there, check out The Hope Outdoor Gallery. Wander the graffiti playground and if it's warm, head to Barton Springs for a quick dip. Visit the State Capitol grounds, and enjoy the many, eclectic restaurants in Austin! Check out our video of the Outdoor Gallery + State Capitol HERE!

12:30 PM: Leave Austin.

4:00 PM: Arrive in Dallas. Check into your hotel and get ready cause tonight you're going to the Mequite Rodeo! Check out the video of our time at the Rodeo HERE!

Dallas to Amarillo ||

8:00 AM: Enjoy breakfast at Company Cafe in Dallas for the best pancakes and hipster atmosphere. Before you head out of town, make sure you stop at Sprinkles Cupcake ATM for a cupcake to go! You may also want to spend the morning relaxing in Klyde Warren Park. Check out our love of the Cupcake ATM HERE!

10:00 AM: Leave Dallas. Make sure you gas up and grab snacks beforehand. There isn't much in between! 

2:00 PM: You may be wondering what's in Amarillo but if you want to get the real Texas experience, you gotta see rural Texas! Stop for coffee at Ballyhoo in Childress, Texas on the way.

5:00 PM: Once you're in Amarillo, check in at The Big Texan Steak Ranch for the night. This place is a whole attraction in and of itself. It's an original Route 66 motel, where you can enjoy a steak eating challenge, arcade, gift shop, Texas shaped pool, and so, so much more. It wholly ridiculous and amazing at the same time. Check out our time at the Big Texan HERE!

Amarillo to Santa Fe ||

8:00 AM: You don't have many options for breakfast, so you can either eat at the restaurant in the motel, eat your own food you've brought (if you were smart and planned ahead) or do what we did...head to the local Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

8:30 AM: Arrive at Cadillac Ranch, perhaps the coolest roadside attraction in the whole U.S. of A. If you planned ahead, you may have brought your own spray paint. But if you didn't, there's a ton of cans on the ground and you can search for one that still has paint in it like I did. There's also a lot of nice people out there, so they may give you their spray cans when they are finished!

12 PM: Leave Amarillo

3:00 PM: Arrive in Santa Fe! Check in at The Silver Saddle Motel, another original Route 66 motel. The owners are incredibly nice and feel free to walk into the office with any questions you have. Head into town and explore the downtown Santa Fe area. There are a ton of shops, spas and art galleries to explore. Stop at the Cowgirl BBQ for dinner before calling it a night. Check out our time in Santa Fe HERE. Get a good night's sleep. You have an early morning tomorrow!


Santa Fe to Phoenix ||

7:30 AM: Grab breakfast in the garden of your motel -- it's free!

8:00 AM: Leave Santa Fe

11:00 AM: Arrive in Gallup, New Mexico. This is a true taste of Route 66. It's a little nothin' town, but I truly think everyone should experience the REAL Route 66, which is left as a ghost town. The coolest part of our road trip was seeing all the ghost towns and remnants of Route 66 in it's hey day. Stop at Auriele's Diner for some experiential greasy Route 66 diner food. (Also, you don't have any other choices...)

1:30 PM: Arrive at the Petrified Forest National Park-- a true American gem!

3:00 PM: Leave Petrified Forest National Park

6:30 PM: Arrive in Phoenix, Arizona. Explore Encanto Park, grab some pizza at FiredPie and then head to bed early. You've got some big days coming up! Check out the video of our time in Phoenix HERE.

Phoenix to Sedona to Grand Canyon to Las Vegas ||

Get ready, y'all. The coolest part of your road trip is TODAY!

7:30 AM: Grab a quick breakfast and then get on the road by 8:00 AM!

10: 00 AM: Arrive in Sedona, Arizona and if you do nothing but one thing from this road trip, promise me, PROMISE ME, you will eat breakfast at The Coffee Pot. It is hands down going to be the best experience of your life. Check out the cool gift shop!

12:00 PM: Leave Sedona and head for the Grand Canyon-- South Rim Entrance!

2:00 PM: Arrive at the Grand Canyon. You have to pay to get in and you won't have any cell reception once you get in the park, just a heads up. If you can fit an extra day into your schedule, I would honestly get a room at a lodge inside the park for the night and spend a night here-- there's THAT much to do. We couldn't spend an extra night so we spent a few hours marveling at the gorgeousness of it all.

4:30 PM: If you can't stay an extra night, now is your time to leave the Grand Canyon. Boo. But hey, check out our video of our time at the Grand Canyon HERE.

8:00 PM: Arrive at Lake Mead overlook. Get out stretch your legs, you're almost there!

8:30 PM: Arrive in Las Vegas, baby! We stayed at The Golden Nugget, which was overall a great experience. It may be 8:30 PM, you may be exhausted, but the night is young. Go explore the nightlife of Las Vegas, ya crazy kid, ya! While you're at it, check out the video of us arriving in Vegas HERE

Las Vegas to Los Angeles ||

Guess what? I'm not giving you a time restraint today. Just know it's 4 hours from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, which considering the amount that you've been driving should be NO THANG. So wake up, go swim with sharks and enjoy some time in crazy Las Vegas. Check out our time in Las Vegas HERE!