What You Don't Know About The World's Youngest Country

Do you remember being 5 years old? Scraped knees, cartoons, chicken nuggets and light-up shoes. I loved being a kid. I think that's probably why I wanted to be a teacher. I just relate to kids in a way that feels natural to me.

So when I heard the about Nyahok, a 5 year old living in South Sudan, my heart raced. I felt weak in the knees and I literally couldn't wrap my head around what's happening in this country I've never been to.

South Sudan is the world's youngest country and on July 9, it will turn 5 years old. But 3 years ago, a devastating war broke out. It ruined homes, families and the economy. It was too much for a newborn country to handle.

Because of the war, 2.3 MILLION people have fled their homes. For those of you counting, that's basically like everyone in the city of Chicago having to run for their lives.

5.1 MILLION people are in desperate need of basic humanitarian help. That's like everyone in the STATE OF COLORADO needing desperate help.

When I was five, I was finger painting, going to Kindergarten and learning to ride a bike. THAT is what five year old's should be doing. Not starving or running for their lives.

Nyahok is 5 years old. Her house burned down when she was 3. She drinks dirty water because there isn't enough water to go around for everyone where she now lives. Her favorite game is mixing water with dirt and pretending like she is cooking. She has no money to go to school.

I don't say any of this to make you feel guilty. But something about this doesn't sit right with me. And maybe that's because it shouldn't. Maybe I should feel challenged when I sit in my air-conditioned home, letting the water run and throwing away perfectly good food, shopping for more and more.

I don't think we need more. I think I actually need less and to GIVE more.

I'm a huge supporter of CARE, who brings help to the most tragic of circumstances on the planet. They truly love their neighbor like themselves, and I think their cause is amazing.

There's a way to help halfway around the world. Skip your coffee this week and donate a few bucks to CARE. Or skip your coffee for the whole month and give $70, which can give a whole family a crop growing kit to help them get on their feet. $150 provides full nutritional support for a malnourished child.

Think about when you were 5.

Click HERE to help South Sudan!

DISCLAIMER: A big thanks to CARE for sponsoring this post. CARE is an organization that I deeply believe in and whole-heatedly support. I have done my own research and CARE gives approximately 90% of its profits away. 100% of any profit made from this sponsored post will be directly given back to CARE to help families like Nyahok's. Please share this post with your family and friends.