May Recap

Can you guys believe it is June already? It seems like it was just the beginning of May! Summer is FLYING by for me, I hate to say it. Here's how my May went. How was yours?

Here's our monthly vlog about how our month went. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a fancy dinner and trip to where we got engaged, we went to Richmond and found a cat named Pluto, we got locked in a room and tried to escape, and I was extremely sassy this month.

Things I Did This Month ///

  • Finished my semester! This was such a tough semester and I was so thankful to finally have it all be over. I made the Dean's List again, which I didn't think was going to that was exciting!
  • Went to the movie theaters-- if you know me, you know that I have a huge and largely irrational fear of going to the movie theaters. When I was experiencing really terrible anxiety a few years ago, I had paranoia about everything, which made it hard for me to leave the house. This is one of those things that still lingered over from that, I guess. I get really bad panic attacks at the movie theater (or the mall, or any place with big crowds that doesn't require you to walk through a metal detector) because I'm almost always certain that there is going to be a shooting. It takes a lot of guts to admit this out loud and for years, Brandon has gone to the movie theater alone or with other people. However, when the new Captain America was coming out, Brandon was planning on seeing it with my youngest brother. My little brother asked me to come with. I knew how awesome seeing this movie the night it came out was going to be for him, and I started to worry that only Brandon would be in his childhood memories, and not me. That's what motivated me to go. I went, and didn't have a panic attack. I wasn't truly able to enjoy the movie fully because I was feeling really anxious, but this is a huge step for me and the first time I went to the movies in a really long time. I felt so blessed that I got through that night!
  • Brandon started his new job! THANK GOD! He loves it so much!
  • Went to Richmond, Virginia for a weekend-- and it was a blast!
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I can't believe we made it to a year! So many emotions. We celebrated with a first anniversary photoshoot!
  • Went to Charm City Clue Room! This was SUCH a blast! I'm so happy that I have smart friends because I probably would not have gotten out if I was there alone
  • Our friends got married-- our very dear friends have been so excited to get married and they finally tied the knot in the end of May! We are so excited for you, Lauren + David!
  • Had some blogging success-- While I was busy this semester, and with the transition to a new blogging platform, I kinda let this space fall to the wayside. In May, I've made some changes to help grow my blog and I've definitely been seeing progress. I was able to do two big sponsored posts (on two products that I absolutely love! You can check them out HERE and HERE!) and I got really great feedback.
  • Switched up my blogging space-- I was experiencing some difficulties and was outgrowing my other blogging platform, one that I used before I knew anything about blogging. I switched to Squarespace because I wasn't ready to make the jump to Wordpress. This is still just a fun place for me and not a business so I felt good about my jump to Squarespace!

Things I liked this month ///

  • Changing up my Instagram aesthetic-- thanks to my friend Megan and some other IG followers, I started trying out a new IG aesthetic and so far, I've gotten great feedback!
  • Weekend getaways-- in lieu of a longer vacation, Brandon and I are taking some smaller weekend trips to destinations within driving distance. This has been a nice little change!
  • Balloon Art-- I did this a couple weeks ago and honestly, it has turned out to be my favorite piece of artwork in our home!
  • Sunless tanner-- Now that it's summer, this pale Irish girl was desperately desiring some color. However, I decided last year to give up my love of tanning beds for my health. So now, I've been using some sunless tanner and I am loving the results!
  • Vegan mayo-- Hampton Creek Just Mayo has created egg-less (and way healthier!) mayo and salad dressings. I bought their Cesar salad dressing and OMG. YAS.

In Case You Missed It///

What was the best thing you did this May?