Maryland to Florida || A Wedding Road Trip

On New Year's Day, we loaded up the car and started our road trip from Maryland to Florida for my cousin's wedding. There were some bumps along the way but overall, it was a much needed break. Here's the recap! 

Baltimore, Maryland to Savannah, Georgia

We left Baltimore around 7 AM...which was definitely A LOT later than we wanted to leave. We were aiming for 5:30 but us Dems...we ain't early birds. I'm willing to drink my coffee a lot hotter than he is, so this is post-coffee Annie, but pre-coffee Brandon. 

This day of travel was filled with a lot of junk food. Which was kinda depressing and discouraging, because it was New Year's Day, which is the day when you're supposed to work on your New Year's Resolutions to be healthy or something. But clearly we didn't get the memo. In our defense, it is really tricky to find healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian meals on the road in THE SOUTH. I mean, it's the land of BBQ, fried chicken and pork rinds at every gas station. 

We stopped in Savannah, Georgia. I had never been there before so it's always fun to see somewhere new! I always get so excited at my first palm tree sighting in the south! Our hotel had an indoor pool so I begged Brandon to swim with me. It was basically the size of my bath tub and filled with middle school girls, but hey, swimming in January? Ya girl can dig. 

Savannah, Georgia to Bradenton, Florida

We got up early the next morning to explore Savannah. I was so excited never having been there before. The first thing we did was stop at Chippewa Square so I could pretend to be Forrest Gump. Duh. I really channeled my inner Tom Hanks for this picture, and I think it turned out pretty good because we're besties. 

We spent the rest of the morning, slowly wandering around Savannah. Brandon got a new camera for Christmas and is jumping back into the photography biz so I stood around and was his muse. (Let it be noted that he did not ask for a muse, but I humbly thought he might appreciate an eager model) Fun fact: Brandon used to be a photographer, but he had two cameras stolen and he opted to buy an engagement ring instead of a new camera (d'aww!) I'm so proud of him for getting back into the swing of things and pursuing his dreams! 

My parents rented a huge house for my entire family for the week of the my cousin's wedding. However, my parents decided to take a detour to Panama City with my younger siblings to see some family friends. Brandon and I planned on getting there a few days before everyone else, which meant we had to meet the lady to get the keys. After calling multiple times, I kept getting a message that her number couldn't be connected as dialed, and my iPhone said the number's location was.... Canada. I was completely convinced my parents had gotten scammed.

To make matters worse, we had accidentally taken a detour for some Chick-Fil-A (worth it) that added TWO HOURS to our arrival time. 

Essentially, what ha' happened was the woman who owns the house is from Canada and was a tad absent minded. And apparently, if you call a Canadian number on a U.S. cell phone, it won't work. Go figure. When we finally got there, she had accidentally given us the wrong key code. Yikes. But it all worked out and WE FINALLY GOT INTO THE HOUSE. And this house was HUGE. We got there in the dark, so my brave husband checked all the rooms in this big dark house, per my request.  Insert crying-laughing emoji here. 

But seriously, this house was HUGE. It slept 19 people and had 9 bathrooms. There was a game room with air hockey and ping pong, and a pool room with a gorgeous pool table. My favorite part was the huge screened in back yard with a heated pool and HOT TUB. I was literally in that thing all week long! 

Granted the house did have it's quirks, like it's 90's decor and odd smells but overall, it was super fun to all be in the same house with so much to do! 

Sarasota, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina

I was so excited to go to Charleston because  I had heard so much about how amazing Charleston is. But honestly, we left Florida around 6:30 AM and got to our hotel around 3:30 PM. We were both so exhausted and I wanted to push us to go out and see the city, but sometimes you need to listen to your body and your mind and give your body the rest that it needs. Plus, it was super cold, windy, dreary and raining, so I didn't have much motivation to walk around downtown anyways.

e pulled ourselves outta bed and away from the Friends re-runs to dinner at Mellow Mushroom. If you have never been to one of these bad boys before, you need to. The fun decor, and the many gluten-free and vegan options make it a winner in my book! 

We drove around downtown Charleston and it was SO adorable. It was raining and too cold to get out and walk around. But it looked amazing! Kinda unrelated: check out this sweet old movie theater right outside our hotel! 

Charleston, South Carolina to Baltimore, Maryland

We tried to get another early start and my husband is so great because he drove the ENTIRE way, and this morning, he let me take a nap in the car. By the time, I woke up, we were at South of the Border! Ya gotta do it. You know you do. 

We booked it on home, with little to no stops. But you can sure bet that I ended the night with Chinese food and a warm bubble bath. (: