Our Honeymoon Road Trip || PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA

For our honeymoon, my husband and I road tripped from Seattle to Victoria to Portland to Mt. Shasta. Next up....Petaluma, California! 

We woke up and...IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I couldn't have imagined a better way to celebrate than by being on a road trip (my favorite thing) with my new husband (my favorite person). We ate breakfast at our hotel and then got on the road for Petaluma! We got to Petaluma around 2:00 PM and I knew immediately it was going to be the cutest little town. 

We walked around--it was a gorgeous day! We passed by a lady walking a dog that was in my opinion, cute (but I find all dogs cute) and we stopped to pet her dog. She explained to us that her dog was recently voted in as the third ugliest dog in America, and urged us to vote for her dog so it could steal the number one spot. I was all like "Uh huh yeah okay, crazy lady" but she's being for real...here's the dog and lady we met! 

Next, we stopped in the Seed Bank, which is an old bank turned into a garden store. It was so adorable and just embodies how cute this little town is. In fact, most of the stores and restaurants in Petaluma are housed in old, amazing buildings. Absolutely incredible. 

For an early birthday dinner, we headed to Wild Goat Bistro, which was amazing and incredible gluten-free friendly. Super rustic, adorable and totally my speed. 

It was so much fun to just explore and wander through this tiny little town tucked away in Northern California. We had a blast and I honestly can't wait to visit this place again! Such a great way to celebrate a birthday! (: