Kinda the Best Week Ever

So last week, I turned 23. I kinda have an obsession with the number 23, so turning 23 on the 23rd was kinda a big deal. I knew the week of my birthday was gonna be awesome...but I didn't know just HOW awesome It was going to be.

So on Monday, Brandon called me on his lunch break and asked me if I was free later this evening for a date. First of all, how stinkin' cute is he? Second of all, I obviously said yes, and he told me he wanted to take me to see Finding Dory. I didn't know how badly I wanted to see it when I immediately gasped and started squealing. And let me tell you folks, Disney did NOT disappoint. I LOVED this movie, especially the underlying messages about disabilities and animals in captivity, two things I feel passionately about.


On Wednesday, we went to a game at Camden Yards. We've already been to a ton of games, but this was our first game after the Orioles got back from being on the road. I was ready to see them in action. Camden Yards is seriously my favorite place. It just feels like home and my summer feels lonely without it. It doesn't hurt that it's gorgeous and full of the NICEST people in Baltimore. For real.

Some friends from Delaware came down to catch the game with us, and it helps that they love the Orioles too, so it was so great to cheer on the O's, while catching up on life and all the big stuff that's happened since we've seen them last!

PLUS....drum roll please... we got to catch the Orioles 1000th win at Camden Yards! HOW COOL IS THAT, PEOPLE?! History was made. Growing up, my grandpa and parents always talked about seeing the Orioles win in their old stadium, Memorial Stadium, and so it was so neat to see the O's 1000th win at Camden Yards. My grandpa isn't around anymore, but I know he was smiling down, happy to see how much we adore his team.

Thursday was my BIRTHDAY! Honestly, it was super chill and kinda lack luster, considering Brandon and I both had to work. Thursdays are Brandon's long day at work, so I didn't really get to see him at all, and I nannied all day. But I did get to spend the morning with him. We got up early to grab some gluten-free bagels at our favorite bakery joint in the city. You know you're a regular when they say, "Oh hey guys, good to see you again this week" when you walk in the door.

The rest of the day was spent watching the kiddos and then enjoying some Chinese takeout with my family in the evening. Again, very chill but it was so great to be surrounded by the people I love the most on my birthday. I felt kinda old not going out and having some big party, but then I looked around the table and saw the people that mattered most. Blessed.

The only other thing I truly wanted on my birthday was a sleepover with my puppy, so we snagged Bailey and cuddled her all night. She's such a darling.

On Friday morning, I treated myself to FINALLY setting up our little balcony. When we first moved in, we had a vintage table and chair set on the balcony with lights, but it quickly became apparent that our balcony needed a little more TLC after I realized that it basically became an extra storage space for us and was looking pretty junky. Plus, I want to be able to enjoy the summer weather and read a book outside, so I set up our balcony. How cute? I'm obsessed with it. So obsessed that I read an entire book our there the first day we set it up.

Friday night we headed to Power Plant Live! in downtown Baltimore for an Eli Young Band concert. I'm not sure if you've heard of the Eli Young Band, but if you've ever listened to country music, I'm sure you have! When we were dating, this was our band. We love his voice and there are some pretty sweet songs. We both love country music (judge us if you want) and we both had never been to a concert at Power Plant before. But it was seriously AWESOME.

The next morning, we woke up and headed off to West Virginia for a night away in Berkeley Springs. Guys, it was SERIOUSLY a blast. I don't want to give too much away because I have not one, but TWO, posts coming up on this place, but it was such a fun time.

When we first got there, we headed to Cacapon State Park and headed up to the top of the mountain to hike. We didn't find any good trail heads near the top, so we opted for an impromptu game of catch. 

As we headed down the mountain to find a good place to park and hike, something happened and next thing we know, there's a flat tire. Like hole ripped in the middle of it. So we had the very fun experience of changing (or watching your husband change) a tire on a side of a mountain. It was too steep so we had to keep moving the car. However, the people of WV are SO nice that at least 8 people stopped and wanted to help us.

My hero!

My hero!

We spent the rest of the evening meandering around Berkeley Springs, especially exploring the park next door to our B&B. We even found George Washington's bathtub! He loved visiting Berkeley Springs back in the day. My history-buff hubby was geeking out!

We headed to Berkeley Springs Brewing Company, for some live music from the coolest acoustic folk band and some of the nicest bartenders. I loved how friendly and inviting all the people who live in Berkeley Springs were. We walked out of the bar with a few new friends (thanks to my extroverted husband, as an introvert, I feel squeamish at the thought of striking up small talk with the bar tender!) Anyways, hi, Sam, Danielle and Kyle!

We asked our new friend, Sam the Bartender, where the best place for a night drive is and he suggested Prospect Peak. We made it there just as the sun was going down, where Brandon thought it would be hilarious to fake propose to me in front of people, which was incredibly embarrassing, but hilarious to him. People driving by slowed down to watch, the staff at the restaurant across the street all came outside to watch and clap, and a waitress risked her life running across a busy street to come take our photo for us, only for me to force Brandon to tell her the news- that he's a giant goof.

That's certainly one way to get someone to take a photo for you!

The next day, we grabbed breakfast, wandered more around the town, went in and out of little shops and headed to the Farmer's Market (which our new friend, Kyle, manages!) Brandon grew up in a rural small town, but I didn't so I always find small towns so charming. Everyone is so friendly and knows each other, and that stuff it just foreign to me. I love it though!

Then, we headed to the Old Roman Bathhouse for a soak in heated fresh spring water. It's supposed to awesome for your skin and it's the big thing to do in Berkeley Springs, which, as it's name might give away, is known for being the first spa town in America.

It's basically like a giant natural hot tub. It was awesome, but Brandon was not impressed at my attempts to document this super fun moment.

We ended our trip by grabbing a late lunch at that restaurant across from where Brandon fake proposed to me. Yes, we had the nerve to show our faces again. Yes, the same waitress was there. Yes, she became our new friend. Hi, Jenna! It was the cutest little place.

On our way home, we got stuck in a crazy amount of traffic and I kid you not, the actual SECOND we pulled into a parking spot in front of our apartment building our spare tire went flat. At first, we were both super annoyed that our awesome week had to end on such a stressful note but then we just took a second to praise God that it didn't happen on the highway! Sometimes, little blessings like that are all you need to cheer you up. Plus, Brandon decided to take the day off of work to try to get the car stuff figured out, so guess who has a day off with her hubby?! YAY!

I hope you all had the BEST week ever, too!