Practical Ways to Unplug

We just got brand new phones. Which means we're on them ALL THE TIME. Which means I need to wake up and come back to the real world. Here's my practical tips for unplugging with minimal amounts of trauma... (; 

Delete minor social apps. 

I did this a while back. I deleted whatever I could. My most used app is Instagram so I deleted Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter (and Facebook if I had it). I went without these for a week or so, and I liked it so much that I decided Snapchat and Tumblr didn't need to come back. 

Put it on airplane mode one hour before bed. 

If turning off your phone completely gives you anxiety, turn it on airplane mode for one hour before bed. Read a book instead, do yoga, pray, meditate, drink tea and write. You'll be way more relaxed and ready for bed. 

Set a schedule for when you can use technology. 

Setting a schedule is good for yourself because you are still allowing yourself time on your phone! However, you won't be tempted to scroll through Instagram when you're at dinner with friends because you know you will have time later that night to allow yourself to zone out into the world of social media. While I'm working, I allow myself social media time right after dinner. It gives me time to Instagram things, tweet and catch up on the day. 

Keep your phone in your bag when you're with people. 

This one is huge! Tell yourself that whenever you are with people, you'll keep your phone in your bag. This could mean co-workers, family, your spouse, your friends or people on the bus. You have no idea what you'll learn or notice when you aren't zoned in on your phone so much. Make screen time something you do when you're alone. People will notice the change in you since you'll be more present! 

Only one screen at a time! 

 I notice that this one reduced my anxiety so much! It's crazy how sometimes I find myself in front of the TV, with my laptop on my lap and my phone in my hand. It's CRAZY, people. I started forcing myself to only using one screen at a time. That means I have to be fully present with whatever is in front of me. Plus, it helped me be more productive and feel less overwhelmed.