Kilgore Falls || Must-See Maryland

Tucked away in Harford County in Maryland, north of Baltimore City, is Kilgore Falls. It's located in the Falling Branch area of Deer Creek Valley. This is Maryland's second tallest free-falling waterfall. We adventured here on an unseasonably warm day in March and this is definitely a super fun hike to take!

Once you get to the Falls, you can literally walk right up to it and could even stand under it if you wanted. There were people swimming in the water below (it's probably a few feet deep or so, but fun for floating!) but we went right up to the waterfall and played around. it was so fun to feel like a kid again!

There are some rocks that are almost like steps, which are steep, but will definitely get you up to the top of the waterfall. There's also a trail before you get to it that will take you to a trail that leads to the top of the waterfall.

We went before the trees bloomed for the spring so our pictures turned out a bit brown, but this place is gorgeous in the summer! Especially at golden hour...SWOON.

Fun Fact: This place used to be very significant to the Native Americans that lived in this area.

Double Fun Fact: My favorite movie, "Tuck Everlasting" was filmed here! Tuck teaches Winnie to swim here! <3