23 Unique Free Dates

Just because money is tight does not mean that you have to give up date night! Here are 23 tried and true free date nights!

Library Date // I used The Dating Diva's Library Date Night to plan a surprise unique date night for me and Brandon. It was literally a blast and we both bonded so much. It was so funny, running around this quiet library on a Friday night, trying to mark everything off on our scavenger hunt! Brandon was even able to get his first Baltimore library card!

Candlelit Dinner // Turn an ordinary dinner into an extraordinary date night by simply lighting all the candles you got, turning off all the lights and playing some cutesy music in the background. It's so funny how something so simply can become the most memorable thing!

Movie Night // But I'm not talking just any old movie night. I am talking an EPIC movie night. I'm talking a FORT. I'm talking a FRENCH FRY BAR. I'm talking CANDLES. I'm talking a SWEET DRINK. This is an EPIC movie night. This was SO cheap and one of our most memorable date nights.

Hiking Date // Again, this doesn't cost anything, it can take however long you want it to, you're endorphins will get pumping and you can do it anytime of year-- trust me. Brandon and I went hiking in the snow once and it was seriously a BLAST. Pack a picnic, look up an awesome trail in your area and you are set!

Game Night // I'm not talking any old game night. I'm thinking Poker or Rummy? Break out a deck of cards, sit on the patio under some stringed lights, put some music on and get a competitive game going. Maybe throw in some interesting bets?!

People Watching // This may sound lame like, "Hey babe, do you want to go on a people watching date with me?" But seriously this can be the most fun in the world. Pick an interesting spot in your town or city, get some ice cream or a coffee and just cozy up on a bench. Watch all the people go by and let yourselves slow down in a busy world. You'll thank me later.


20 Questions // OH, my favorite! I simply love 20 questions! I love how it gets more difficult as you get to know each other more, but what's awesome about relationships is you will never know EVERYTHING about the person you're with. Honestly, just google or Pinterest 20 questions and you'll get a ton of question prompts. Maybe take a drive and play?!

Museum // Find a free museum in your area (or maybe not? How about a spontaneous road trip?!) and let yourselves wander. Maybe it'll inspire you, maybe you'll laugh at all the silly art. Either way, you'll grow closer!

Geocaching // This is basically like the world's biggest treasure hunt. You go to different places, following a special map and you find little treasures that the person who was there before you left. You take that item, and then leave an item for the next person. Talk about memorable. If you are interested, check out the website HERE.

Play a sport // So I never used to be a sport girl, but ever since I realized how important sports are to Brandon, I decided to get into them. And it has truly impacted our relationship for the better. Now, for date night, we go have a catch, shoot some hoops, or throw around a frisbee. I've grown as a person because of it, I have a new hobby and it's created some of our most memorable date nights.

Stargazing // The stars are one of the most beautiful things on earth and hey, they're free! Choose a clear night, pack a thermos of tea and a blanket and drive where there are no city light. Snuggle up and watch the stars! Get the Constellations app on your smart phone to help you find the constellations!

Trivia Night // Find a local trivia night at a bar or restaurant near you and go make some friends! Usually all you have to do is buy a cheap drink. Or if you are REALLY trying to keep it free, play trivia pursuit at home!

Play messy twister // Have you seen this on Pinterest before? You get a Twister game board and put paint on the spots. You end up super messy! If you wear white, you'll end up with a newly designed shirt (;

Go dancing // After a nice dinner at home, put on some Spotify and dance the night away. You don't have to worry about looking silly because it'll just be you two!

Leave nice notes all over the neighborhood // There's nothing better than a little good karma, am I right?! Grab some colored markers and a note pad and go all over your town leaving positivity. Ideas: inside books at the book store, on a can in the grocery store, on a mirror in a public restroom, on windshield wipers.


Photoshoot // Take a camera and a tripod, or honestly just your smart phone and a self-timer app and find a nice place to take some sweet pictures. Don't be ashamed of getting in front of the camera, or people looking at you funny. Your photos will be worth it!

We had a fun photoshoot in my parent's backyard for a date night!

We had a fun photoshoot in my parent's backyard for a date night!

Yoga // Do some yoga together. Find a free class in your area or even just find a good video on Youtube. I promise you that you will laugh and probably end up in a pile on the floor.

Stand-up // Can't afford to go see a show? No worries. Make some popcorn and watch your favorite stand up comedians on YouTube. Brandon and I absolutely LOVE Nate Bartgatze. We think his dry sense of humor is HILARIOUS. Runner up? Jim Gaffagan.

Go camping // Camping is the cheapest form of travel, or even just way of escaping the real world for a little. You honestly don't need much to camp, as you could even sleep in your car if you wanted for the night. There's something bonding about pulling leaves out of each others hair.

Read a book together // Sit outside on a nice night and pick a nice book to read aloud to each other!

Bucket list // Make a bucket list together! And then make a plan to cross it off!

Going outside of the country together was on our bucket list!

Going outside of the country together was on our bucket list!

Relationship Check-In // Some of the best date nights are the ones where you check in with each other. Ask questions like, "How do you think things are going? How can I serve you better? What's on your mind lately? What are some dreams you have lately? What's one thing I can do for you this week?

Visit friends // It might not be a one on one date but visiting friends is a free thing to do and it's super healthy to have friends as a couple!