5 Best Views of Baltimore

It's no joke that Baltimore is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It's rich in history, architecture, art and bubbling with creativity. Here's my top 5 picks for the best views in the city!

Harbor East

Harbor East has a fantastic view of the Inner Harbor. I love the unique view of Pier 6, with the layered buildings in the background. This view reminds me of a pop-up children's book and it just feels magical.

Tip: Walk behind the ever-gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel for this incredible view. If you're smart, you'll grab a patio table at one of the restaurants back there and enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

Federal Hill

If you asked any Baltimorean, I'm pretty sure they would tell you the best view of the city is on Federal Hill. It's incredibly romantic and you just can't beat a sunset, or a sunrise, or really any time of day at the top of the hill. Enjoy benches, history, a playground or walking trails at this park.

TIP: Park by the American Visionary Art Museum!

World Trade Center

I seriously think this is one of Baltimore's best kept secrets. I'm not sure why so many people have never been to the World Trade Center in the Inner Harbor. It's super cheap to get in, there's a beautiful 9/11 museum exhibit at the top, along with a gift store and a ton of information- albeit from the 90's but still- about Baltimore. We spent at least an hour up there for a date one night and I swear you can see EVERYTHING.

Harbor Cruise

This is one of the BEST experiences I have ever had in Baltimore. We went on a booze cruise for Brandon's birthday one year and it was seriously a blast. The ship took us way out in the harbor, past the city and we got to see an amazing view of Fort McHenry. On our way back, I saw the most beautiful view of the city, as the lights danced on the harbor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

TIP: If you take a Watermark cruise, you can bring your own food onto the boat. We grabbed our favorite, Noodles and Company before heading on so we could balance out all the booze.

Eutaw Street

Eutaw Street is located in Camden Yards and while it's not a view of the skyline, I think this view rivals the skyline any day. I love the gorgeous view of the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, a Baltimore icon, and the Warehouse on Eutaw Street, another Baltimore gem. We thought Eutaw Street encapsulating Baltimore so much and was so stunning that we chose to have our bridal portraits taken there.

TIP: It doesn't have to be game day for you to wander onto Eutaw Street, or even enjoy some Orioles Magic. In fact, most days of the year, you can walk Eutaw Street as much as you please. You can even enjoy food at Dempsey's, a true Orioles treat!