Santa Fe || Our Southwest Road Trip

Two summers ago, I went on a road trip that changed my life. Seriously. It was the first time that I saw any part of the United States that wasn't the East Coast. I had returned from Europe the summer before inspired to explore my own nation, and the next summer, we packed our bags and planned our first big "grown up" trip without any help. 

This trip was jammed packed. We spent a week driving from San Antonio, Texas to Los Angeles, California. We spent a week driving, and a week in California and it was amazing! I know that I just covered one of my favorite road trips (A 3 Day Road Trip Around Ireland), but since road trip season is coming up, and since I like to consider myself the queen of roadtripping, I thought I'd share a little bit of our awesome trip to see the Southwestern United States. I've already recapped San Antonio, and the rest of Texas. So now we're on to Santa Fe! 

Santa Fe is the most adorable little town. When we got there, there was an art festival going on. It was kinda rainy so we didn't really have a ton of motivation to walk around in the dreary, cooler weather. But we walked around the Santa Fe Plaza, and went in and out of stores. It was super cute! 

We took some time to walk around The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. If you're never heard of St. Francis of Assisi, he's kinda a big deal. And this cathedral was to die for. I mean, just so gorgeous. We even were able to hear the bells toll, which was super cool, as we walked around the gardens! 

We got hungry and a local suggested Cowgirl BBQ and can I just say YUM. It was super yummy, very authentic and I loved the southwestern feel! I would say that Santa Fe was the first time on our trip that I was like "Okay, we're totally in the Southwest..."

Perhaps my favorite thing about our trip was that we were able to stay at an actual historic motel on Route 66. As you probably know, Route 66 made motels super popular and they were known for their kitschy themes and being super family friendly. We stayed at the Silver Saddle, where each room was dedicated to a different famous cowboy. We stayed in the Roy Rogers room and his pictures were all over the place. 

It was definitely a cheaper place to stay, and you pay for what you get. It's definitely different than hotel and I felt like we had to "rough it" more, but overall it was a very enjoyable stay. Plus, there was free breakfast the next morning! YUM! 

Even though we had less than 24 hours in Santa Fe and it was just a pit stop, I really wished we would have had more time, because it seemed like such an interesting town. It really brought home the Southwestern feel for me.