Street Art in Richmond

Buzzfeed says that Richmond has some of the best street art in the world. I had no idea when we took a weekend getaway to Richmond, Virginia the other weekend. However, it was clear that once we got there that this place was covered in beautiful murals, brightening up the streets. Richmond is such a hidden gem and today, I am so excited to share with you some of the beautiful street art I found in RVA!


If you're looking for street art in Richmond, you are definitely going to want to check out the Fan District. The street art there feels very organic as you walk down residential streets, restaurants and museums, all within the same neighborhood. I absolutely adored this "Hello, Richmond!" mural on that gorgeous brick.

The RIchmond Mural Project brings internationally renowned muralists to Richmond every year for the past 4 years. Their goal is to "create the highest concentration of murals in the world, turning Richmond into a global destination for street art lovers." I think this is just the coolest idea and I don't know about you but I'm thinking we should get one of these started in Baltimore. (Check out my friend Megan's post on Street Art in Baltimore!)

It seemed as we turned each corner, we were faced with bricks covered in bright colors, mind-boggling artwork and happiness. I had no idea Richmond was going to be this into street art. In fact, I would have NEVER guessed RVA would be this way! However, I was so pleasantly suprised!

Gotta snag a picture with my beloved Coca-Cola! <3

Gotta snag a picture with my beloved Coca-Cola! <3

Another fantastic place to see street art is the Canal Walk. There's a huge open air building that is full of gorgeous murals that just make you feel so teeny-tiny when you stand in front of them. We probably stood there for a good 15 minutes...just staring at all this goodness.

It's so incredible to me that people can make such beautiful art in such a LARGE space. It's crazy to me how some talent and paint can turn just an average--even mundane-- space into something completely gorgeous and worth giving attention to. Walking around, looking at all this street art made me hopeful that my own city's beauty will be seen and marveled at all over the world one day.

How hilarious//creepy//amazing is this piece of artwork with these fake legs hanging out? It was kinda shocking to see at first glance, but I just love this picture!

It's true. I have totally fallen in love with Richmond and I am itching at the next chance I have to go and be able to snap some more pictures of some more awesome artwork. Until then, if you are interested in checking out some more of the artwork in Richmond, click here!