DIY Balloon + Dart Paint Art Lyric Canvas

"This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareASong #CollectiveBias"

On Monday, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We got married last year after 2 years of a long distance relationship. While living in different states was difficult, the one way we could always count on to bring us together-- no matter where we were-- was music.

Before we were even dating, we would send each other songs that make us think of each other, express how we felt, made us laugh or just allowed us a way to connect. Music has been such a huge part of our relationship since Day 1.

It should be no surprise then that music defines our summers. We listen to the same love song before bed every night while a warm breeze blows through the window. On summer nights, we swing dance to big band music on our balcony. We play relaxing worship music before church on hazy Sunday mornings. We cruise around with the windows down and country music blasting. We play pump-up music before we head outside for a catch. Music has helped us make most of our summer memories.


So when I was in Target (where else would I be on my summer break?) the other day, I noticed that all the 20 oz. Coca-Cola bottles were sporting different song lyrics! It's no surprise that I am a huge Coca-Cola fan. It's the only soda I truly enjoy! (We even toasted with Coca-Cola in glass bottles at our wedding!) So naturally I had to pick up a few bottles to bring home!

This summer, not only can you find these awesome Coca-Cola bottles at Target but Target is offering a chance to get exclusive music content and a 25% off Cartwheel offer (am I the only one that ADORES Cartwheel? All the savings!) when you show Coca-Cola some lovin'. All you have to tweet @ShareMoreMusic with whatever lyric is featured on your 20 oz. Coca-Cola bottle. Remember to also use the hashtag #ShareASong. They will respond with a link to your offer! It's that easy! 25% off Target coupon? You're welcome... 

Also, there's going to be a Share a Coke and a Song Twitter Part where you'll have more chances to unlock more surprises from both Coca-Cola and Target. It's going to be May 24, 2016 from 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST.

These Coca-Cola bottles totally inspired me to create my own piece of lyric-inspired artwork for my husband for our first anniversary!

So today, we'll be making a DIY Balloon + Dart Paint Art Lyric Canvas!

This DIY is super fun and this is a TOTAL crowd pleaser at parties. You can do this with kids (just watch the sharp objects), by yourself, as a cheap date night, or at a backyard BBQ! While this DIY takes some trial + error and effort, it is SO much fun and is an awesome DIY for the backyard this summer!

(We actually had this set up for our wedding guests to do on huge canvases, but there was a torrential downpour that day so...we never got to it. But we did get to do this at our going-away party before we left for our honeymoon!)

You will need:

  • Balloons (I've found that regular balloons are easier to use than water balloons)
  • Pushpins
  • Paint (I used three different shades of blue!)
  • Canvas (not pictured; mine was a 24 in x 12 in)
  • Balloon pump
  • Darts (make sure you get steel-tipped, NOT soft-tipped)
  • Paint pen/paint for your lyrics (I chose gold)

Alright, let's do this thing!

1. First, make sure you're wearing clothes that can get messy and you have a space outside where you can set this up. I live in an apartment so I covered my balcony with an old bed sheet.

2. Let's get started on your first balloon! Blow up your balloon first. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You have to blow up your balloon first to stretch it out. Once it's blown up, go ahead and let the air out.

3. Here's where it gets fun and you can really customize your art.

If you want a splatter effect, leave your paint as is. (This is what I did)

If you want a dripping effect, water your paint down beforehand with some water. There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just mix some water in until it's kinda runny.

Next, you need to get your paint into the bottom of the balloon.
If you watered your paint down, you could use a straw and a funnel.
If you left your paint as is, follow my steps below! This is where we get messy!

Basically, the method that I've found works best is to use my fingers to hold the balloon open and then grab the paint bottle with my remaining free fingers. Hopefully the picture below will help.

Definitely not the fanciest method, but it is the one that I have found works the best. You want to make sure that you are really getting the paint in the bottom/biggest part of the balloon!

TIP: This would make a great date night activity because an extra set of hands would be great!

4. Once the desired amount of paint is inside the balloon, use the balloon pump to blow up your balloons. Don't use your mouth-- we don't want anyone accidentally eating paint! If you have an air compressor, that works beautifully (and quickly) for this! However, my cheap $3 balloon pump gets the job done too!

TIP: You don't want to blow your balloons up so big because there will barely be any room for enough balloons and your canvas will turn out a bit empty looking. You also don't want to blow your balloons up too small or the darts won't be able to pop them. You want to have a decent amount of air in them. It's all about balance friends.

5. Now, tie the end of your balloon and use a pushpin to fasten the tied end of the balloon to the canvas. Don't worry about holes in the canvas. If you're gentle, they won't be too noticeable and the paint will usually cover them up.

6. Now, repeat for the rest of the balloons. If you want to get an ombre effect (especially for my dripping method people), make sure you put the lightest color in the balloons at the top, with the darkest color in the balloons in the last row.

Hopefully, you'll end up with something like this.

7. Now is time for the FUN part: popping! Stand back from your canvas and one by one, throw a dart to pop those balloons! As you pop them, you'll watch the paint fly and your art begin to take shape!

TIP: If you're using this for a party, make sure your guests aren't standing super close, or they'll get paint on themselves!

8. You could leave your canvas as is, but I think it would look super cute with some meaningful song lyrics painted over top of your art, so that's what I chose to do!

Make sure your canvas is dry first. I used a paint marker, and then went over it with some gold paint. I love the way it turned out and Brandon loves this new piece of art we added to our bedroom!

Above is what my finished product looks like! Thanks for the inspiration, Coca-Cola!

Have you picked up a new Share a Song Coca-Cola bottle yet? What are your favorite lyrics?